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    Voltz with Duncan

    You probably seen (if you use Technic launcher) the new Voltz modpack for Minecraft. Duncan could make a playthrough on that modpack...

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    Definitely! it looks like its right up Duncan's alley
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    I agree, it is something I think Duncan would like to do, and they could get lots of views because not many people have made lets plays.

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    I agree Duncan should do a lets play of Voltz.

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    I'm all for this idea, but remember if he does do it it might not be out as quickly as we'd hope, he will have to research a fair bit first.

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    I think it would be nice if he did just a couple of videos like he did with Thaumcraft. But I'm not so sure about a full let's play.

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    i would certainly like to see this :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by werepenguin8 View Post
    I'm all for this idea, but remember if he does do it it might not be out as quickly as we'd hope, he will have to research a fair bit first.
    The problem is that the official wiki misses a lot of information.

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    Quote from Duncan's twitter:
    "Lots of farming-sim livestream videos to come! And stay tuned for some Voltz next week!"

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