View Poll Results: What's your favorite Yogscast Tekkit series?

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  • Simon and Lewis' series

    15 17.05%
  • Hannah's series

    1 1.14%
  • Duncan's series

    8 9.09%
  • Sips and Sjin's series

    21 23.86%
  • Rythian and Zoey's series

    40 45.45%
  • Nilsey's series

    1 1.14%
  • Martyn's series

    2 2.27%
  • Strippin's series

    0 0%
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    Duncan because of that epic mad scientist tower of his :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by MultiMooHead View Post
    ...and Gilbert, red-five, Johnny Iron, Sally, Daisy, Nilsey JR, Barry, Ghost JR,Willow ect. ^_^
    Please accept my humble apologies for not mentioning them. They are indeed an important part of the series and should not be forgotten. I was just to lazy to type them all

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    Quote Originally Posted by indienorien View Post
    Please accept my humble apologies for not mentioning them. They are indeed an important part of the series and should not be forgotten. I was just to lazy to type them all
    Yeah, there are alot. xD

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    Rythian and Zoey's, without question. The others are all very funny, but they just don't have the plot, heart, or spirit that R&Z's series has. I'm a sucker for a well-told story, and they're telling one. :3

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    Uuugghh, hard decision between Lewis and Simon's one and Duncan's one but chose Duncan's one :P
    I learnt a lot about tekkit from him
    Also, an epic profile picture by Dinorawrzzz and the amazing avatar by Dedan!!

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    It's the war between sips and duncan that makes me put those in my top 2. Mainly it's because of Duncan discovering sips' not-so-secret pipe, and the castle build, that his is my favourite.

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    no one messes with SipsCo!

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    I went with Rythian and Zoey because really,look at my username,they rule.But if I could choose a second I would definitely say Strippin and Benji's <3

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    Rythian & Zoeys, whitout hesitation. Their storyline is really intressting and I like the Rp:ing. Love the mushroom thing. Really unique
    Connecting to Mushnet.....

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    The factions as it stands are what?

    Honeydew Inc.
    Honeydew CEO, & Owner
    Xephos Head of Progress
    Duncan R&D

    Sips Co.
    Sips President & CEO
    Sjin Full Partner

    Shakespeare in Jurassic Park
    Rythian Master Mage
    Zoeya Apprentice Mage/ Technology Expert
    Teep Head of Security

    Inthelittlewood a.k.a. Martin CEO & Founder
    Toby Head of Business

    Y.O.L.O. Owl Sancuary & Quality Pools
    Hannah CEO & Owner
    Nilsey Expert Pool Boy

    Strippin Full Partner
    Benji Full Partner

    Am I missing anyone? My vote is for Shakespere in Jurassic Park.


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