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    Thumbs Up [Christmas Map] - The Advent Calendar (1-4 Players)


    Welcome everyone to a map I created 3 days ago. The Advent Calendar

    The first thing your going to notice, Is that it reminds you of InTheLittleWoods Xmas adventure. Well the calendar was based off that. However this acts differently. The story is short and sweet along with a few goodies inside the map. Find all the collectibles while you open your doors on the Calendar.

    This Map can be played on Singleplayer or for a funny experience - Play it with 2-4 players.


    Play on Normal.
    Each day that goes by on Minecraft, Open a door. Best experience? - Record and upload on youtube.


    - More Coming Soon! -

    - Happy Xmas - Well Happy December xP

    Download The Map Today!
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    Looks good but i have to find somebody to play it With me

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    Awww well Andy I would play it with you :P Send me your skype name xP


    Fixed a giant problem with 4 players spawn and other fixes.
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    Finally! A youtube series is going to happen on my channel ;-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy0Power View Post
    Looks good but i have to find somebody to play it With me
    I'll play it with you, only I won't be somebody recording/commentating if you're gonna make it a YouTube series or something.
    [TunaaBabee, the cutest fishie in teh Minecraft sea. :3 =^3^=

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    Here's where the videos will go.... <snip>

    One problem with the mobs spawning in the house roof??
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    played it With my friends sorry

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    I am working on a new update guys

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    might give it ago if someone wants to play with me? or i can get a friend to play with

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    I will be up for joining anyone if they are recording this for youtube <3
    Also thanks for all the support so far guys. The mobs in the roof
    are supposed to be there for now...

    Updated 1.1 (Live!)

    - Finally got round to adding 4 new tasks
    - The new version will be released in 3 days
    - New areas to explore, each one with history
    - A very strong story to keep the map interesting.
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