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    Map of the Yogscast Yogscraft Server

    Please note that the Y axis (Y on 2D charts and Z in Minecraft) is flip-flopped in Minecraft and in the Minimap.

    Since the server is no longer Tekkit, the map will change name. Mods: Please change the title to "Map of the Yogscast Yogscraft Server"


    Map v1.5.2 (as of 6/9/13's videos)

    You may want to use the view the original picture that's a lot bigger

    Change log:
    Change log of Yogscast Tekkit Server Map by AeVi

    ================v1.5.2======== ========
    Added "XP Island"
    Added "Cabertown"
    Added "Sick Bay"
    Added "New Rail Bros. Inc Base"
    Added "Nilesy's Jungle Temple"
    Changed "Outpost Gamma" to "Site Bee"
    Changed "Hannah's Volcano" to "Volcano James"
    Fixed Newpool
    ================v1.5.1======== ========
    Changed name from "Map of the Yogscast Tekkit Server" to Map of the Yogscast Yogscraft Server"
    Changed layout
    Added minimap for areas far outside map range
    Added "Hannah Volcano"
    Added "Sjin Farm"
    Added "Outpost Alpha"
    Added "Outpost Gamma"
    Added "Duncan's Secret Base"
    Changed "Black Rock Castle" into "Destroyed Castle"
    ================v1.4.2b======= =========
    Added "Crooked Caber"
    Renamed "Mushroom Jeff" into "Enclave Entrance"
    Renamed "Zoey's Farm" into "Destroyed Farm"
    ================v1.4.2======== ========
    Added "Ben****'s House"
    Added "Nilesy Grotto"
    Added "Nilesy's Shack (Underground House)"
    Renamed "Rail Bros Inc." into "Rail Bros Inc. (ORI)"
    Renamed "Mushroom Barry" into "Mushroom Barry (Destroyed)"
    Renamed "Dormitory and cafe" into "Jaffahampton"
    Changed colour of "Pagoda Station" and "Strippin Island"
    ================v1.4.1======== ========
    Added "Pagoda (Gaijin Studios)
    Added "Pagoda Station"
    Added "Rail Dead-End
    Added "Area 11 Base"
    Renamed "Oil Pump (Destoryed)" into "Oil Pump)
    ================v1.3.2======== ========
    Added "Third Sjips Volcano"
    Added "Nilesy's Pool Stand 2"
    Renamed "Second Sjips Volcano" into "A Pretty Cool Spot (Second Sjips Volcano)
    Renamed "Nilesy's Shop" into "Nilesy's Pool Stand 1"
    Removed "Pagoda" Due to mysteriousness
    ================v1.3========== ======
    Added "Sjips Desert"
    Added "Mushroom Jeff"
    Added "Brown Mushroom Enclave"
    Added "Mushroom Barry"
    Renamed "Oil Pump (Honeydew Inc.) into "Oil Pump (Destroyed)"
    Renamed "Dormitory" into "Dormitory and cafe"
    ================v1.2========== ======
    Added "Second Sjips Co Volcano"
    Added "Sjips Co Secret Base"
    Renamed "Sjips Volcano" into "First Sjips Co Volcano"
    ================v1.1c_01====== ==========
    Renamed "Mole Hill" into "InTheLittleCorp Mole Hill"
    ================v1.1c========= =======
    Added "Sjips Co Nether Portal (quarry)"
    Added "Duncan's Nether Portal"
    Fixed "MintyMinute's Nether Portal" location
    Fixed flip-flopped locations of "The Captive Creeper" and "MintyMinute's Nether Portal"
    ================v1.1b========= =======
    Added "Volcano Jim"
    Added "Nilesy's Shop"
    Added approximate location of the mysterious Pagoda.
    ================v1.0========== ======
    Added "Jaffa Cake Factory"
    Added "Dormitory"
    Added "Pig/Oil Island"
    Added "Oil Island Pump"
    Added "Duncan's lab"
    Added "Castle Duncan"
    Added "Strippin's house"
    Added "RailBros Inc."
    Added "Sjips Co Workshed & Nether Portal"
    Added "Sjips Co Headquarters"
    Added "Sjips Co Volcano"
    Added "Sjips Co Mining Turtle Tower"
    Added "Sjips Co"
    Added "Sjin's Community Swimming Pool"
    Added "Black Rock Castle"
    Added "Teep's Watch Tower"
    Added "Teep's Cave"
    Added "Rythian's Hut"
    Added "Rythian's Nether Portal"
    Added "Zoey's Farm"
    Added "Captive Creeper"
    Added "MintyMinute's Nether Portal"
    Added "Newpool"
    Added "Owl Island"
    Added "Base/Bunker"
    Added "Fishing Shack"
    Added "Treehouse"
    Added "Hannah's quarries"
    Added "Martyn and Toby's Spawn Camp"
    Added "Mole Hill"

    Honeydew Inc.
    RailBros Inc.
    Sjips Co.
    The Outcast Group
    The Captive Creeper
    Lombucket Ind.
    Martyn and Toby's Unnamed Company
    Nilesy's Best And Greatest #1 Importer and Exporter of Really Good Pools and Pool Accessories
    Area 11/Others
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    Wow. Very well done. Great job with this!

    EDIT: May want to add the closed down "Sjin's Independent Dirt Trader Inc." which is at +132.52 +260.39 approximately.
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    Where is it? I can't see the map...
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    Thats really good especially because I wanted to know were martin and toby were in relation to everyone but it looks like they're pretty close to sips co. that will make for interesting gameplay i hope

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    Wow, pretty good. There are quite close together really!

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    May want to add the closed down "Sjin's Independent Dirt Trader Inc." which is at +132.52 +260.39 approximately.
    I think it is on there, only under a different name: "Swimming Pool (Sjin)". Since he turned it into a community pool, remember?

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    Its very clever how you've put that together but its not quite right For example, Martyn and Toby are in between Rythian and Hannah's locations :P Its a good guestimation though!

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    This is awesome!

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