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    Exclamation GW2 Noob looking to create a group of like-minded people willing to play GW2.

    I am new to GW2. So far, I have played the game, and quite enjoy it. So far, I have reached a level 20 Engi on Fort Aspenwood. However, I feel the experience has become lackluster... I would like to create a social group of new/semi-experienced people to play through the great game that is GW2. I would these people to be somewhat dedicated to playing. At least, 3-7 hours for GW2 per day would be nice~! <3

    I am on US server.

    I plan to use RaidCall as our main source of communication. RaidCall is awesome and completely free! Plus, better than Skype. http://www.raidcall.com/v7/index.html

    Likewise, I plan to restart with a new character. I would like to be an elementalist. A diverse team would be nice. :3

    My details : I am just an average guy, looking for some company while playing an MMO. (I play female character b/c WHORING your toon works...) I LOVE anime, but not like a weeaboo. This is very awkward. I am 20. I believe I act mature enough, but I have my tedencies. I am NOT some screaming kid... I am looking to basically make friends through GW2 who are willing to play for an extensive time.
    My hours available for gaming are quite large b/c of my easy college class load. I am pretty much playing 7-12 hours a day. (Yes, I realize I have no life...) (Oh, and please excuse any bad grammer or misspellings.)

    Hopefully, this message can get a good group of people's attentions.
    I play on Fort Aspenwood, and would hopefully like to keep it like that. But, if change is required, I will follow.

    If you are interested in this endeavor, please send me an email or visit the RaidCall group.
    Email : [email protected]

    RaidCall Group Name : Chill Players - Guild Wars 2
    RaidCall Group ID : 5136712
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    I will be on the RaidCall group during my gaming hours. If you are interested, I would gladly speak with you for the sake of familiarizing ourselves with one another~! :3

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    I would advise you to join an already active guild.

    I'm in Midnight Squadron now and they have been around for about 15 years now. They are very experienced and a lot of members really helped me in the game, providing me with hints and resources. Anyway, good luck!

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