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    Youtube Partner for pc gaming

    Hi guys i need a youtube partner for my let's play on games i need a funny,light hearten boy or girl (no aliens allowed) Lots of free time to record Sorry but you need to speak English i will use skype to talk (when i have the money i'll get teamspeak server) You Don't Need a recording software but would help
    I do have a working minecraft Hamachi server
    please fill in this form

    Games you enjoy playing:
    Other comments:

    Name: toby howard
    IGN: Howardmustplaygames (tobz12)
    Timezone:00 GMT
    Games you enjoy playing: Minecraft tf2 Total war games Hon
    Other comments:Hi

    For Lankyjr Yes i do have tekkit
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    Name: Jake
    Age: 17
    Skype: jake_lancaster
    Timezone: GMT
    Games you enjoy playing: Tekkit!!! minecraft and medal of honor
    Other comments: PLEASE SAY YOU HAVE TEKKIT, i am quite good at itm not an expert but average

    Are you still going through with this?
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    Jul 2012
    Hanson, KY
    Gamer IDs

    Gamertag: SMI n1njA
    Name:Chris Oakley
    Timezone:Lol idk its 6 o clock right now
    Games you enjoy playing:COd, Minecraft, Halo and many others
    Other comments:Hello

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    Time zone:i dont pay attention but its 2:14 right now
    Games you enjoy:Minecraft,Halo and shooting games
    Other comments:Im Homeschooled so i have lots of free time

    and i have tekkit
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    ign: TheGeneralDwarf
    skype: TheGeneralDwarf
    age: 13
    timezone: GMT
    games i like playing are: minecraft, skyrim, world at war, guild wars 2, maybe a bit of world of warcraft
    other comments: i have a great sence of humour and can always make the videos fun and enjoyable
    hope to hear from you!!!!!!

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    do you have a partner yet?

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    Nope Still waiting till the 10th

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    ...not to bother you but do you have a partner now?

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    Name: Isaac Willis
    Timezone: normal GMT london time
    Games you enjoy playing: Anything i can get my sweaty mitts on. mainly tekkit, technic and League of legends
    Other comments: All my mates say i am funny xD. i can get fraps if needed and i play games every day usually from 5 till 1 in the morning. hope to hear back from you as i have been wanting to do a lets play for a long time <3 also i dont mind chipping in for a teamspeak server


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