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    Exclamation Not sure if this is true, but...

    So I guess to start out I'll say I am a huge fan of all the Yogscast channels, and I stumbled upon this video. I thought I would bring it to the attention of everyone to see if it is a) true and b) whether it is or isn't I think it's rude this man is posting this information on Youtube, and it (the video) should be taken down.

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    Thats alot of money

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    I would be very surprised if the Yogscast hadn't already seen the video, I certainly have. Perhaps it is rude, but there is not much basis for the team to get the video removed. The Yogscast has changed a lot since that video was made anyway, so the prediction is probably completely out of date.
    If you feel this video should be taken down and not seen by people, you publicising it on the forum is quite ironic.


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    Someday I'll never even make half of that on YouTube...I mean 5 dollars a day would get my computer payed off in a couple of months.

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    There's nothing wrong with this sort of thing, he only made an estimate of what they made and I don't see what you find wrong with it.

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    I don't think they make that much. Although if they do, it's split among all the members of the yogscast, so each individual person probably makes an average salary.

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    I allready posted a thread with this exact video (or other one really similar) and Hannah got mad about it, so yeah i guess it's rude

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    The amount of money they make is irrelevant. They spend hours each day putting out plenty of high quality content, so they deserve anything Youtube gives them.

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    Why is the world afraid of people with money?! So what if they make millions a day? What does that change? They are still the most amazing YouTubers ever! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatieDart View Post
    Why is the world afraid of people with money?! So what if they make millions a day? What does that change? They are still the most amazing YouTubers ever! lol
    Its not that people are angry with them for making that much, not at all, its just that sometimes the earner of the money (the yogscast) might consider it rude to look into their personal finances, I suppose in a way its like f we asked the yogscast if we could see their amazon history. But no nobodies angry with the yogscast for how much money they make, just curious


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