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    Unhappy YogBox Server

    Hey guy's,
    I have one question,
    How can I make a YogBox server on hamachi ?
    I want to play it with my friends ( YogBox is really awsome ) and i can't make a server for that, please help.

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    Yogbox is single player only. The mods used within it have no multiplayer version which is why there are no server files for the yogbox.

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    Oh ****, is there at least something similar to YogBox what we can play ?

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    Not really. The yogbox is unique in the mods it puts together. The only other really popular modpack I could suggest that is multiplayer is tekkit (as that comes with the technic launcher anyway). It's mods are very different from the ones found in the yogbox but it adds some interesting mechanics and ideas into the game

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    Nothing more ? hack/mine ?

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    I've not tried the hack/mine mods out yet so I couldn't comment but just have a play around with a few and find something you like

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    Any server can be converted to hack/mine like me and my friend did that if you guys want add me on Skype and Ill give you the IP

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    so there are no yogbox servers

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    no. /closed


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