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    Tekkit, can't stop crashing.

    Ok, when this first happened I was playing in a tekkit server and was changing my Control Settings, I got out and pressed the exit button. When I did I crashed and my entire screen went white. I restarted tekkit and logged back in. I then logged into the server again... same issue.
    So then I thought I had corrupted my player data in the server, and decided to play a different one.
    Then logged on to a different server, same issue. Then I logged into SP, same issue.
    I then reinstalled Tekkit Launcher and logged back in. I went into a server and it let me in, same with single player.
    I then pressed on my options to change my control/volume settings, pressed Done... Crashed White screen.
    Relogged still won't let me on same issue. I then reinstalled around 5 times, each time trying to exit a different way to maybe fix it. Sadly no luck.
    Anyway I don't think I can play Tekkit without being able to change my controls, theres alot of conflicting buttons.
    (Biggest one, Quantum speed running/Zoom conflict.)
    Any help on how to fix this? I have reinstalled Tekkit so I don't know what could be wrong! Please reply I will try anything.
    (PS! I have done many Google searches and found nobody else with this issue!)

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    Are you using a texture pack at all?

    Have you tried updating/reinstalling your java?

    Have you tried allocating more memory to the technic launcer?

    Those are the three most common causes of crashes. I've got no idea what is causing the crash so I'd start with those three things first.

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    I have reinstalled Java.
    I don't use a texture pack.
    I have not allocated more memory but there should be plenty, I will try that now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackwing722 View Post
    I have reinstalled Java.
    I don't use a texture pack.
    I have not allocated more memory but there should be plenty, I will try that now.
    Let me know if it works

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    Didn't work, but thanks alot for the reply, I will keep trying!

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    Hey there,

    This white screen issue when logging into a server / SP sounds very much like a graphics related issue. What exactly did you change in the Control pannel before this error occured? try Updating your graphics card drivers and reinstalling technic launcher. (keep a backup of your single player games and Server Ip's etc). Tell us how you get on!

    Regards, Sim

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    mine keeps crashing when i try to go to the single player world select and the same with multiplayer help plz! thanksssssssssssssssssssss

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    What is your system specs?

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    It's the last place you'd look
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    You could try a system restore for your Technic Launcher ^^
    I have no clue what to put here anymore

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    I had this problem once (when i first installed tekkit). I someohow managed to fixed it (not sure if it wasn't just a coincidence). But here it is:

    I was trying to change my keybindings, because as you said, there are many of conflicts. When i tried to chenge few of them, my game crashed.

    I looked for some config key-bind file. It is located in .techniclauncher/tekkit/options.txt
    (i recommend use of Notepad++ =>

    At the bottom of this document are keybinds. But they are little-bit hard to tell what is what.
    Here is a page with keys = numbers. So try to change binds in here.
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