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    Cool Brewed Minecraft! [Survival Server] [McMMo][Battleship][War][Shops][Elevators!!!]

    Minecraft is about freedom. The freedom to go wherever you want, create whatever you like, and then go do something else whenever you please! That’s what Brewed MC is here for! Just like our namesake, the craft beer, Brewed Minecraft stands for freedom of expression by whatever means you choose!
    We are a survival server, and as such gameplay is based around collecting resources and building in the Survival Worlds (There is a skylands and a normal world). Spawn areas are kept mainly within the Void, as we want our players to create the towns that dot the wilderness.
    Shops, jobs, elevators, warzones, spleef, parkour, McMMO skills, NPC quests, battleship, Casinos, Self Serve region protection, various economy plugins, and soon to be CARNIVAL! We have over 50 plugins to make things a little bit more interesting, and more fun, while preserving everything we love about MC for you.

    We have 50 max slots, and a population of around 25.

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention... we're 24/7

    Server IP:



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