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    No whitelist tekkit survival server - 3.1.2

    I am opening a new tekkit server. It is completely open. Although i might make it whitelist later if it grows too big. It will be open from after school to late evenings. And opens earlier in the weekends. Although there may be exceptions. Which i would inform active users about. I live in Europe so if you live in US or Eastern Asia it probably wot be open that much in the hours you play.

    I just started it. You might get screenshots once we have something more that dirt huts.

    (a power of two).

    I guess somethings are obvious(griefing, spamming and being a ****). But some are not,

    1# All obvious rules
    2# You will be assigned a range of frequencies which you may use.
    3# Talk to me(or someone with my mandate) before building quarries or strip mining.
    4# You can PvP only with consenting opponents.
    5# Anything else i might inform you about in the server.
    6# Oil may be claimed by a sign. I advise you to notify me so i can be sure who claimed it first if there is a dispute. We don't need to make wars over oil.
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    you have soooo many rules, dont you think?

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    too many rules

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    ok is the lag often or not

    y is it whitelisted
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    Quote Originally Posted by zMADzJ4CKz View Post
    ok is the lag often or not

    y is it whitelisted
    I whitelisted it because there where to many new people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karl_marx View Post
    I whitelisted it because there where to many new people.
    too * Whose the Grammar nazi now?!

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