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    Question New Minecraft Names

    I am going to get a new account for MC and I can't decide on names for it could some of my fellow yognaughts help me?
    I'm not looking for crazy names that I will forget every two minuets though so I'll go with the one I find best!

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    Roxxy_YouSee (reference)

    They see me rollin'. The hatin'!

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    If i was you, i would choose a name that best describes you, that "imitates" you if you will, i had problems choosing a name before. Let me tell you my story (its not that long)

    When i was 14. I played World of Warcraft, and was looking for a new name for my character. I thought long and hard, and was on the verge of giving up when my World of Warcraft spiritual guide came and helped me, he was the second in command, of the fairly small guild i was in, we were a grand bunch, ranging in skills. I was trying to create a name for a Druid character, and it was the guide, his name is Ian, Came to me and said... "follow your heart because that gives you all the answers you seek"

    So i did. I listened to my heart, I followed my heart and i came to the name Dergrizzle. It was unique, adventurous and gave me lots of ways to customize it.

    And so i got the name i have today.

    So if there is one thing you take away from my story, make sure its this "follow your heart, for it will be your guide for the rest of your life, and it is the only thing that will never lie to you"

    thanks for reading.
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    Thats some emotional stuff, same for my alternate name, sort of.
    apayn isn't very original, and I wish I could change it, both Minecraft and Yogscast, because my alternate is "A Tall Hobbit" so named because I am rather tall, and I am a huge fan of JRR Tolkien. Oh and I love contradiction, so it all came to me!

    So yeah, follow your heart

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    Well depends, is there anything you would like it to be based on?

    Just some random names: (not sure if they are taken or not)

    It's hard to choose a name, I spent ages trying to figure out mine. I don't even like it that much, its ok-ish. But I can't really change it as people know me as this now all over the internet. Best way is to just sit and think it through, mix things you like together. Use online generators to help or ask family & friends
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    I'm in a similar predicament to ThePrettyBunch, but there's rumours of Minecraft names being changeable, so one dreams

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    Yes, close to 1.4 i believe they are working on a way to change your minecraft name... i think its going to be once for free then after that it will cost a small charge.
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    i think there's a couple cool ones like

    Harsle the dwarf (Har-sle)

    Jysref the elf ( Jys-ref)

    fikelres the space explorer (fike-res)

    these are just some examples that i came up with i hope they help

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