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    How to set up your own Tekkit Server

    What you will need:


    Technic Pack:


    Tekkit Server:

    Winrar / 7zip: and


    After downloading all you need, Open tekkit Next, create a folder on the desktop called tekkit server. Extract all the files in the zip folder to the folder you just created. Go to the foler you created and run the "launch.bat"

    If You get an error Saying "Could not create java virtual machine" and a few others, what I Suggest you do is right click the launch.bat and press edit. where it says "Xmx3G -Xms2G" change it to -Xmx512M -Xms512M. Re launch the .bat and wait for it to do its thing . If it says "a server may already be running on that port Do step 3 and then re run launch.bat

    Run hamachi and next to the power button it will Show a few numbers such as Copy this down and go back to your server folder. Go down to and open it with notepad. Where it says "server ip=" put the numbers from before after it.

    Test your server by trying to go on it. For others to be able to play on it they must join your hamachi.

    Ask any questions down below. I also hope this is in the right section
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    Thank you! You have already helped get me further than anyone else has! My friend can now actually see the server and try and connect to it whereas before it would just come up with the message, can't connect to server.

    However this has no brought me a new problem. I can join the server fine but my friend gets an error message when trying to join saying: "Forge build #136+ (4096 fix) to connect to server."

    Would be very grateful if you could help me fix this final problem and finally after days of fiddling around with settings let me play Tekkit on a server!

    Don't worry figured it out!

    Thank you muchly for the help!
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    to fix that, go in the technic launcher and click options, manually select build and choose 3.1.1 from the drop-down list.

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    Thanks this helped a lot bug i just wanna ask if any1 can get me a 2.0 server
    for me and my bro who wanna play sole 2.0
    plz reply back as fast as possible

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    Who are you calling bug lol? Your welcome aswell everyone

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    Okay, for me I do all the steps. I set up my himachi, and then when I run the .bat it tells me another server is running on that port. I'm pretty sure it isn't... I have closed the .bat and opened it again, but that didn't work. Could someone help?
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    Hello, I followed all those sets exactly and came out with a whole heap of errors. Care to take a look?

    I appreciate your help, I'm very keen to get this going!

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    I think I may be able to make myself an own server in no-time now, thanks to you! Thank you very much! I'll try it out, as soon as I can.

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    You actually do not need Hamachi, except if your ports are closed or if your version isn't legal.

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    Once set up, how do you then control the server. I.E. Give yourself op, change gamemodes and things like that.
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