So, what is YouTube Leanback?

YouTube Leanback is a new way to watch YouTube videos on Google TV or any big screen. With simple controls and full-
screen viewing, Leanback makes watching videos on YouTube as effortless as watching TV.

Full-screen viewing
All videos play in full screen at the highest quality, perfect for sharing on a TV. No more crowding around a small laptop screen to view the latest YouTube hit.

Videos that you'll love
Leanback showcases videos from your subscriptions and playlists, plus 10 channels updated daily, filled with videos that look great on your big screen.

Effortless browsing
Instantly watch videos tailored to you when you visit Leanback. Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to skip, search and browse channels.

Film and TV show rentals
Watch full-length films and TV shows rented from in the highest quality, directly on your TV, with Leanback.

Here is a link to 'YouTube Leanback' it's rather good and ever since they have updated it I have been using it more, so I suggest checking it out.


Discuss down below about what you think about YouTube Leanback