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    jaffacake factory map download

    hey guys i made actual working jaffacake factory!!!
    please someone make video about it and paste link in reply
    map is only for tekkit


    factory is copy from the yogscast planned one

    leave a comment if it not working or link is broken!

    to put map in tekkit go to start ->type %appdata% ->hit enter ->go to " .techinclauncher" -> open " tekkit" -> open " saves" and paste map here!


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    Hello Fellow yognaught

    I have done some adjusments to your design and was wondering if i could upload it to planet minecraft please reply

    1.added Iron Doors At the front

    2.Made an alarm system for security

    3.Fixed the problem of cocoa beans spilling when full in crafting table by hooking them up to condesers filed with diamonds

    Thank You.

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    WOW! I like this. You built the outside to look exactly how Simon wanted it.

    What can I say, I'm substance over style - Beastly

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    thank you you are a true yog-naught

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    Thumbs Up Impressive

    Nice one, I am truly impressed by this. (I Even shared with my mates)

    Rating: out of 100
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    WOW, great job man, adding it to my Tekkit as we speak!

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    I have a new account: TechMinerUK Please close this one
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    My personal twist's on it are:

    Piston Doors
    Control Center
    All of [COLOR=#2f4f4f ]eoinmac123[/COLOR] Optimizations
    Lots of Levels

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    great! you can upload it on planetminecraft but give me credit! reply and give link have luck

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    Love the look of it! Good job!

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    i have onley made a few vidioes befot but i will make one of the factoryalso i can not downlode the map from the link you have posted so please PM me

    sorry about my bad speling.
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