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    What do i use to record my minecraft adventures?

    Hi everyone!,

    i have been searching for a while and have also tested out a few ways to record my minecraft but all failed!
    i don't want to buy anything so it has to be like the demo or for free. i have tried Bandicam- which gave me a LOT of lag, and Fraps which took up HEAPS of space on my laptop. If you know of a program or use a program to record minecraft that does NOT lag please tell me i hav a youtube account all ready to go but cannot post/record any vids!

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    Here is the thing, it is not the program that causes the lag it is the computer, the Memory Allocated to the game. Now the Recording software, like fraps, sits in the background and records your screen. For some people there computers are meant to handle this, others can't.

    You can try a few things.

    Hypercam 3
    PlayClaw *My audio had a slight ring in the background* NOT FROM MY MIC

    These are some of the good low lag recorders, now you can also try

    -This is normally meant for Streaming to multiple websites and recording in HD, by using VHScrCap I was able to record a specific peace in the screen, sadly I could not add the game audio (I was not trying to and I did not go into detail on this subject)

    Hope that Helped!
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    Fraps is what I used for wow so that or invest in a pvr.

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    Dxtory is what I used to use (pokerface) and It has a very good quality recording and not really big files, the only thing you need is a good video converter for your purposes, because sometimes you can record 7mins of videos that are 1.7 GBs big...
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    Hello,My name is arco-iris, there are various ways to record minecraft such as: bandicam, fraps,action... and so on... but they work in various ways:

    -Fraps: if you have a ****py computer with 2 gigs or less it will lagg you minecraft, i use fraps to record minecraft and it makes my pc die (lag to death) there is a way to solve this, but you will need to spend a little bit of money, you can buy a external hard drive, when you have it make sure that fraps saves the videos inside your external hard drive.

    -Bandicam: i dont no much about this but what i do know it that it lags my game to the point were i cant even move, like fraps, but i dont use this software.

    -action!: a new software that came out no too long ago, it can record really well i doesn't use much resources on your pc, but theres a down side you can pirate it, it has a 30 day trial... so yeah...

    -hope this helped.

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    DXTory is the best by a mile in my personal opinion. It takes quite abit to get the right codec and settings, but after that it is a brilliant piece of software!

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    THNX everyone that realy helped me out!

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    Ezvid Free Screen Recorder is what I used to record my Minecraft game. I know Fraps and Bandicam, just that I also explored other possibilities and Ezvid is quite a great alternative

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    Fraps - a great recording software, although you must buy it. Also, it will lag you if you have a computer with a little ram.

    Hypercam - Pretty good, but doesn't have the best quality, meaning you must render it before uploading if you want it to have a good quality. Free Trial is partially unlimited, but if you record a video there'll be a watermark, just like the others...

    Bandicam - Don't know much, but I heard it's good, and the files are not as big as Fraps'. [Pay to use]

    Hope I helped.
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