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    Question Yogbox: Minion mod not working properly

    straight to the point, when i click "G" to use minion mod it says "darkness listens" and then "never-mind". i've check youtube and it says you have to be lvl8 wich i was so...you know i kinda need help. please i need minions to do my bidding. because pouring lava every where and poking animals with a sword is not enough, i need minions to whip and en-slave. please help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YogBox FAQ
    It DOES work. In the YogBox it's configured so that you are required to FIND the master wand in a boss dungeon's chest. Once you have it, you can use the G key to issue mining commands from there.
    It does work.

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    If you go into the yogbox file from .techniclauncher then go into the folder " mods " and look for the notepad for the minions mod, you'll see that the xp cost says -1 (just change it to 0 or anything higher.) then save the notepad and DONE!!


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