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    Thumbs Up Best class in GW2

    Am I the only one who thinks the ranger is the best class? It's super with pvp and pve. When a team of enemies come out to fight you or a pack of mobs, it's hard to kill them. If you're in down state, you have almost no chance to survive. So far in the mists, I killed five time more players than I died. So what do you people should says, what class is the best?

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    Ranger is gonna be my main, but all the other classes are also nice. I think they should do some balancing but after they do that I'm gonna play all classes.

    p.s. I don't think rangers are OP they just have a lot of mobility.

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    After the second BWE, I've shifted to thinking about thief being, maybe not necessarily the best, but one of the better classes, at least in my opinion. The weapon combinations and their related skills all work quite nicely in combat situations (and some work outside of them too), and some of the items you can steal and their effects are quite good as well. The only thing that I'm a bit worried about while playing thief is the lack of real ranged power, only being able to use a shortbow is a bit debilitating in some situations.

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    Necros NEVER seem to die, Guardians aswell. So much healing!!!

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    Least useful would probably be Warrior and Engineer. I think all other classes are equally good for different things.

    Ranger is hands down one of the best 1v1 PvP classes. Generic ranged PvP characteristic. They can be pretty tank or DPS heavy depending on build.

    Elementalist is probably best in PvE and WvW. I am level 43 and soloing Champions with staff is tedious but possible, but not with any other class.

    Thief is crucial in parties, particularly in dungeons. Tried Lv 30 and Lv35 dungeons and they have so many good skills in support and luring. They can also stall bosses for a long time while party tries to regroup/heal.

    Guardian is just a mad tank with AoE if you're going greatsword. Just as good as Ele's in PvE. Also good vs Castle Gate, considering how dangerous a defended castle is. Arrow carts as painfulll.

    Necromancers are fairly specific in counters. They are terrible against AoE spammers like Elementalists in PvP. They are also pretty bad in WvW. But sometimes they are amazing fodder with so many minions and heals.

    Mesmer are not that great but they made my team run away in WvW and left me by myself. I was the only one who realized everyone's a clone and there's only 2 mesmers and a warrior. We had 5 real players and we thought we were outnumbered.

    Generally leaning towards Ranger and Elementalist. Mind you, my ele was 43 with lvl 20 traits and final utility skills and gold equipment. So there's a lot of bias with what I'm saying about ele's. Any other class is mediocre in specifically WvW, they should really fix that.

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    There's still a lot of balance to go in the game but I think even at launch I'm not gonna have a particular favourite, I'll probably have several characters on the go at once.

    For the sake of this thread I do quite enjoy the Guardian for general use.
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    Would go with Necro and Thief

    Necro is really hard to beat in any situation , but i like the quick style of a thief and also the need of really beeing aware of what u are doing instead of just standing around n cast stuff.

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    I'm probably going to run with a Necro - such a lot of flavour and I'm sure the lifesteal stuff is going to be immensely useful in both PvP and PvE endgames.

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    I'm currently stuck between necro and elementalist... I want to go with elementalist but having 50,000 skills to use could get somewhat confusing.

    A well played ele will be one of the strongest class in the game.
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    Ranger, Necro, Elementalist and Mesmer seem to be the best Classes for PvP and WvWvW. Rangers AoE attacks are pretty much THE BEST THING when defending ontop of a wall.. Still I love my Thief and Guardian, so I'll stick with them for the actual game! (:
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