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    What is this pillar?


    I've been playing the YogBox for a little bit, I've barely figured out any of it, but I would love if someone would tell me what this is and what I do with it. I was mining underground and I came across the outside of a big black room, made of some material that I couldn't break through, not even with a diamond pick. So I dug all the way up to the surface and found that it led to the ruins and floating pillar. I don't care if they want me to figure it out by myself, I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what it is and what to do.

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    It is from Thaumcraft 2 mod. There is already a lot of info here on it, you should use the search function above. Here is one I found: https://yogscast.com/showthread.php?58662

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    Its a Void Pilar if you open it there will be treasure Void Ingots , rings and you can make armor with it and weapons i opened it in creative but i dont know how to open it legit

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    Its official name is an Eldtritch Monolith. Use vis crystals on the four cardinal directions if thyey are the right kind, it will open, if not, it will explode.

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    Ah that errie Black pillar That my friend is a portal to a treasure hold called THE VOID ya need 4 crstals to openit 4 of each color except drtained is reccomended + 1 cobweb i reccomend switching to creative cuz theres an odd key ya need to open the extra doors it gives artifacts void compases void ingots and blocks and ocasional a void staff/weapon to get said key fins it its fore pink circles in a rohmbus shape type in key and ull find it with too many items (why cobwebs: well if ya dont switch to creative you will have a 100%chjance of leg shattering fall ya fall like 4 blocks from bedrock ya gotta cusion your fall a cobweb is the best way)
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    i watched a youtube video and figured out that if u use a mining scroll on the blocks u should be able to break them and then there should be a big hole
    mine done one side using the mining scroll at the bottom op chests with sweet items
    no lie i did it lost night:

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