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    Weird Skype Noises

    Hi fellow Yognauts

    I have been having problems with my Skype. Whenever I call people, after a while, they say they start to hear strange "alien sounds" from my end. Nearly to the point where it is deafening, and I feel ashamed and mute my mic. I am pretty sure this isnt to do with skype or my internet as I have reinstalled several times and had this problem from several internet connections.

    My laptop is quite a new Acer, but i figure that the mic picks up the slight noise (or vibration) of the fan. What should I do? Buy a headset? If so, which one would you recommend??

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    Hey psychojr1990
    Laptop Mics are very sensitive, so they pick up nearly any sound. So what people you call hear, can be from the computer it self like the fan, background noises or when you are typing. But before looking for a headset try this:

    Step 1
    Right-click the "Sound" icon in your computer's task tray, and select "Recording Devices."

    Step 2
    Click your computer's default microphone. This is the device with a check mark next to it.

    Step 3
    Click the "Properties" button, and navigate to the "Levels" tab.

    Step 4
    Slide the setting for "Microphone Boost" all the way to the left to disable it. This setting reduces your microphone sound boost and decreases noise sensitivity

    Step 5 Click the "OK" button to save the settings.

    Else would i recommend "Sennheiser PC 350" a very good headset in my opinion, its cost around 123.89 on Amazon
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    Sometimes when they hear those weird noises, its because of there internet and not yours. Theres no way to avoid this, if it is something to do with the connection of the call.

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    it does that when the connects is bad or it might be your mic
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    i had this few years back when i used it i was told
    problems on skype side

    i fixed mine cos it was my isp capping me for no reason

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    One of my friends had this problem, or should I say the rest of us did. We heard a horrific alien noise coming from his mic, he upgraded to a desktop and it only quietened the noise. We then switched to mumble and now there are no problems. I would recommend getting Mumble or TeakSpeak, background noise is a thing of the past
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    Well, it could be Skype or your laptop struggling to block feedback. Laptop microphones are very sensitive and close to the speaker so they should have a feature which detects and blocks feedback. The solution to this should be using a headset.

    Don't quote me on that though!

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    Using Headphones and an external microphone (or a headset) will solve this.

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    'Alien' noises wouldn't be coming for the microphone picking up a fan, it would be a constant hum if it was. It could well be interference from you internet Skype or the microphone itself.
    i'd recommend buying a headset anyway!

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    If the problem is a sound like I guess this wee wee wee wee Wee WEe WEE WEE WEE
    (just imagine the "wee"s are the sound and when the caps they are loud)
    If that is the problem then I have had the same problem too.
    All it is, is just the laptop's microphone.
    Just turn down the microphone in the settings in the settings bubble (The little bars that look like cell reception bars) and that's it!

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