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    Sorry I couldn't make the award ceremony guys but it seems like everyone who won totally deserved to win their category!

    Oh, and thanks to everyone who voted for me to win the biggest alcoholic award...Now, did I win any celebratory champagne with that award?

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    Thank you sooo much HarlandGirl and Cynicalwolf to put your time and effort into the organisation of the Teamspeakies Awards ! I can only imagine how great it must have been and I'm looking forward seeing the video

    After seeing all the great awards that were given to even greater people, accompanied by the beautiful trophees , I saw a special award assigned to me that made me very happy , but it doesn't feel right at all to have only my name on it !

    "The Teamspeak" , as we like to refer to it , is what it is today because of all of you !
    It is you that made this fun and relaxed environment that we have going on and it is you that keeps it that way ! When we first started out 8 months ago , I would've never thought we'd be this huge open group of friends which we are now. We solve our own problems , respect eachother and get closer more and more , everyday.

    I know this may sound extremely cliché... but at least this time its true !

    So to every dirty, friendly, mean, trolling, funny, creative, crazy, wise, sexy, swag-carrying, stubborn, with a good-looking avatar, singing, posting, couple, alcoholic, respected, NSFW-linking, most-connecting, muton, supporting character and accent-having person out there.... That joined 8 months ago, last week, yesterday or even tomorrow....


    It is all of your names on that award !

    (Photoshopped Award to come soon!)

    Cynical... you told me you love me <3
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    So we have been talking on the TS about doing a Company of Heroes Battle/war for some days now, since nearly everybody got the game now beacuse of humblebundle So i thought we should find a date/time where we do this, also one battle/war can take up to 1-2 hours and we can be max 4 people of 2 teams.
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    Sign me up Grizzly.
    Also when some other footage is required, the video will be out for teamspeakia.

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    The Journey of an Adventurer !
    You ended up in the big and wild world
    of Minecraftia!
    Now it's your time to show what you're worth as a traveler!

    The Traveler's Challenge.

    As a group of adventurers, you are all convinced of the fact that you are the most skillfull adventurer there is! In order to proof this to these amateurs, you decided to have a challenge.

    You must all spread throughout Minecraftia and collect a bunch of rare or environment-bounded items! Starting of with only 1 loaf of bread and a stone sword, you are left to the dangers that lurk in this unexplored world and need to survive while roaming for your precious items.

    The rules are simple : Since you're a traveler, you cannot stay ( or sleep ) at one place twice and you are obliged to keep on moving in the direction you've chosen. If you decide to rest for the night , you will need to build a temporary and quick shelter in order to stay safe.

    When you've collected all your items, you must navigate your way back to the basecamp safely and complete the last challenge (mentioned when starting of the game).
    In order to proof that you're the best adventurer there is, you need to succeed first.

    Items To Collect :
    -2 bones
    -10 coal
    -a bucket of lava
    -a feather
    -5 sugar cane
    -2 cooked fish
    -2 chicken eggs
    -a snowball
    -4 mushrooms
    -a pumpkin
    -5 wool
    -5 Cacao beans
    -4 rotten flesh
    -a lily pad
    -a cactus
    -You must come back accompanied by a wolf.

    You will be watched in order to avoid cheating.
    You can buy yourself a bed with 10 Iron ! This way you respawn closer to the place you've died when your bed is set.

    The challenge will be played either this or next weekend!

    -Post To Be Updated and items will change.

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    Just An Idea

    I'm not sure what the response will be to this post and I know that I've brought this up a couple of times before but I think we should have a website. I would pay for it of course as I was the one who brought it up but I want to know what you guys think of the idea. I have a lot of ideas of what to put on it e.g., Bios, Karaoke nights etc. I was also thinking that when we do something in Minecraft that more than one person records I could put up a page where you can easily navigate to each person's perspective. In case you were wondering I was planning on getting a web-hosting plan from FiverHost. They have a lot of good plans but I was going to go with the lifetime option which is £5.99. I was then going to get a domain from GoDaddy which usually cost around £6.99 for the first year. So in total I'd only have to spend around £13 and we'd be sorted for a year. Tell me what you guys think. If it happens then it will be my Christmas present to the TeamSpeak, otherwise... never mind.

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    I think the website is a fun suggestion, and it's very kind of you to offer to pay this money to benefit the TeamSpeak. It's clear that you want to help! However, in my opinion, I think your money would be better spent by donating to keep the TeamSpeak going! I don't feel the website would get enough traffic to justify paying £13, and though the idea of having all the TeamSpeak users YouTube videos in one place is nice, it really isn't too much hassle to just visit their YouTube pages. A website for our little TeamSpeak just doesn't feel necessary.

    Anything that could be put on the website could instead be put in the TeamSpeak threads on the forum, or even in a spacer on the TeamSpeak if necessary. Your enthusiasm is great, but I feel your money could be spent better elsewhere.


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    It is a nice thing and it is your money, If you feel like it would be good then you go for it. It is only a small teamspeak server though, like Lucas said.

    I can see you are passionate about this and I think it would a nice thing to be able to use

    I agree it would be good to find all of the teamspeak related things in one place, browsing this thread can be messy :P
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    As others have stated Gummy, it sounds like an awesome idea but to be honest I do not think it will survive the test of time. It's a great community with a host of characters, each with their own individual quirks and mostly everyone gets on really well (*ahem* If those of you can cast your minds back to when I was last on hehehe :P)...but I'm not sure a website is really justified at the moment. Your money, as Lucas said, would be better spent on keeping the TS going

    Hope your all well guys! I've been a busy bee of late, this degree isn't going to pass itself!

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    A website does seem like a cool idea indeed! I have tosay, this is a ever so wonderful teamspeak and everyone on it is so nice! Now wheres my xmas cookies ;D


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