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    i use antvenom's tp or the sphaxBDcraft texture pack

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    Please don't reply with just smilies.

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    I use the default, for FPS reasons, but I love the Gerodoku pack that Xephos uses.

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    Due to the number of threads made to discuss what texture pack people use or what your favorite texture packs are I will just be stickying this so that everything can go in one place.
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    Anyone who is good at making texture packs and want to join our LoTR-team? (Thread: click) We would like to see a portfolio though!

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    Smile The Painterly Pack Customiser

    Try this to make your own texture pack, it takes a long time but It's worth it.
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    I strongly suggest SummerfieldsCraft, as it is semi-realistic and 100% artistic.

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    i almost always have my custom painterly which is amazing :3 (thankyou to everyone who made painterly and such), but also sometime switch to default, or love and tolerance which is really nice too
    lets all be happy together.. thatd be fun.

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    I have been using the default mainly since 1.2.3, but before that I used SOI 1st by smidge (Its basically an attempt to re-create the one Lewis uses). I have actually been working on making my own for a while now, I dont really thinks its all that great but it looks okay =D

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