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    Question PC SETUP Yogscast Question

    Hello !
    Can any of you tell me what website i can buy the PC yogscast use ??
    And how much it costs ??

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    I'm 90% sure it's custom-built.

    Who knows, maybe Lewis will post his build in this thread?

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    From their youtube page:

    We are both running similar mid-range PCs, along these lines:
    - Intel Core i5 2500K 3.30GHz Sandybridge Processor
    - ATI Radeon HD 6870 Graphics
    - 4GB Ram - Usually Corsair or G-Skill
    - 4TB Hard Drive Space, usually 2x 2TB Samsung Spinpoints
    - Gigabyte or Asus Motherboards
    - Corsair 650W Power Supply
    - 2 24" Widescreen Monitors, one 16:10 Dell and one 16:9 one Samsung.

    Serious gamers only use self-build pc's >3
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    ok so i have been trying to find parts for a good pc what processor do they use?

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    Does anyone know how (or around how much) it will cost to build one like that ?

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    not too much if you buy it bits at a time like i am the only hard thing is making it all compatible

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    Right now, roughly $798.73 including shipping if you live in the US. Not sure about the UK...

    Also, that does not include Keyboard, mouse or monitors... That is just the Desktop computer...

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    Moving to Technology.

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    Lewis just upgraded from what Simon said, not too long ago, so his specs might be slightly different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neokid9 View Post
    not too much if you buy it bits at a time like i am the only hard thing is making it all compatible
    Do not buy a system bits at a time, ever. Buy it in one go, or save up until you can.

    If you buy parts for a computer over say 6 months, or even 2-3, you have just wated time and money, for a few reasons:

    1. You have wasted warranty time

    2. The first component you buy will almost certainly be cheaper at the point that you go to use it

    3. Tied in with the second point, for the same money you spent to get the parts at first, you could spend the same and get better parts

    As to compatibility, that isn't difficult either. Intel and AMD only have 1 current socket each, so you get an AM3 board, it will most probably support all AM3 CPU, you get a socket 1155 board, it will probably support all Intel CPUs.

    They all use DDR3 memory, so get some, and it should work

    All current motherboards will have a PCIe x16 slot, which all graphics cards use, so don't need to check that

    They will also have SATA ports, which all hard drives will use, and which a lot of DVD drives will use.

    You then get yourself a decent PSU that is enough to power your system, and away you go.

    I would not get a system based on what someone else uses, I would instead look at how much you have to spend and get the best given that.

    The systems Simon and Lewis use are not bad, with the exception of their hard drives, as they got Samsung F4 2 TB drives, which are storage drives, not designed for main boot drives. 5400RPM, so slow seek times, which therefore means slow boot and load times. You would be better off with 1TB Samsung F3's instead.

    The rest is pretty solid, however the budget would be a deciding factor in which motherboard and graphics card you go with. You can pick up a 560Ti, 6970 or GTX 570 for (relatively) cheap (expecially the first option), and they will blow away the 6870

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