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    [ADV/PUZ/PAR] The Search For The Holy Cookie V1.2 (8th March 2012) - Minecraft 1.2.3

    The Search For The Holy Cookie

    As a young boy, you have heard stories about warriors and knights fighting to protect their village. Today, you are a 16 year old boy named Christopher in a tiny village. You have always dreamed to be a knight like that, today, that dream will become true. The village has started to run out of food, but there has been rumors going around about a cookie that will summon food that is everlasting. You have decided to go on a quest to get that cookie and save the village!

    - Do not break anything except clay and gravel unless told to. (which you wont be XD)
    - Do not place any blocks. You may place torches, however.
    - Play on atleast normal difficulty.
    - Do not use any mods such as Single Player Commands, TooManyItems, Fly Mod etc.
    - Do not kill any animals, animals are your friends!
    - Do not craft anything unless told to.
    - There are 8 glistening melons in some chests, try to find all of them and post the amount of glistening melons you found after you've played the map.
    - You may not take the arrows from dispensers. You may take other stuff, though.
    - Signs with an O shows that you can enter that cave. If no sign is there then don't enter it :P





    None right now
    Be the first!


    Download Link: http://yay.nu/rhbEP7 (i really dont know any other file hosts that lets you download instantly :/)
    Version 1.2: Added 2 houses and the sign system is now working ^_^



    Version 1.1: Added more foods, a way to get to a hidden glistening melon chest + more stuff (in the starter village, ssssssh!), added an iron door with a button before the monster spawning room in the temple, also there is 2 signs infront of the temple, I forgot about those XD. It'll be apart of the next update which is soon probably... it just shows you what caves you are allowed to go into.

    Version 1.0: Actual Release

    Hall Of Fame



    FAQ [warning, spoiler alert!]


    Q: Where is the map from the starter village to the next one?
    A: Look closely around the village. It is inside it. Remember that you can break clay and gravel.

    Q: How do I get into the house in the sand village with iron doors?
    A: Look around the village. Remember that you can break clay and gravel.

    Q: Help! Monsters!

    Q: How do I get out of the finish tower?
    A: You can't.

    Q: A creeper came and blew up the temple! What should I do?
    A: If there was any redstone circuits that it exploded near (if there is any redstone on the floor) then you gotta restart the map . I recommend downloading the mod that makes Creepers only hurt you when they explode.

    Q: I've found a bug! What should I do?
    A: Just write it in the thread ^_^

    Creators Corner
    This is the first ever adventure map I have done, this took about 15+ hours to make and it's not perfect. I'm still learning xD. I wanna thank... i dont really have anyone to thank. I WANNA THANK MY MOM FOR HELPING ME (forever alone) Ok no. I wanna thank my friends who supported me via Facebook and everything. I also wanna thank the mod makers of Single Player Commands, World Edit and Too Many Items - these nifty tools have helped me alot in making this map! If you find any bugs or anything that you think is wrong, just post it down below and I'll take a look at it :P

    And yes, it is me who have made the map and posted it on MCF. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...ks-for-mc-123/



    Need to make some :P
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    Cool! I've started playing and i'm at the temple... And I've ran out of torches D8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birchii View Post
    Cool! I've started playing and i'm at the temple... And I've ran out of torches D8
    And I thought I gave out a decent amount of torches! XD
    Look around and try to find some chests or just nick some of your already placed ones (if you can that is O_o)

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    Hey, I Found 8 Melons And If You Can Get A Server I Will Help You Make Another Adv Map!

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    Now notch has to make a golden cookie :3.


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