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    Unhappy Help i cant find my .minecraft file on my Mac

    i want to get a mod but i cant cause when i go to library then application support and it said i should find the minecraft file there i have OS X and i cant do texture packs or anything i have looked in almost every file on my computer and i cant find the minecraft file anywere can anybody help me find it or tell me how to make a new one maybe?

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    The folder may be hidden, as it is in mine. Go to where the minecraft folder show be and work your way around the Mac interface (which I don't know, sorry) and choose any option that allows you to see hidden folders and files. That should do it

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    i have tryed that its odd cause it seems like the file is even on my computer cause no matter what u do there seems to be no way to find it cause on a mac you should be able to go to application support wich is like %appdata% on a pc and see the minecraft file like you can on all my other friends computers

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    Nothing appears if you type '.minecraft' in search?

    You don't you just enter the game, click Textures and then click 'Go to Texture Folder'. That should send you to the Minecraft folder

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    thats the really weird thing cause when you click that it doesnt do anything at all i have typed .minecraft Minecraft and just M to see what came up and nothing at all popped up

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    Have you tried to re-install the game?

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    In a mac the folder is "~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft"

    On a mac the folder is not hidden, but I understand that the "Library" folder is. There is no dot in the folder name.

    You can also open the folder in-game by clicking "open texture packs folder" on the texture packs menu.
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    I replied on to this question on the other board but....

    Don't look for the minecraft folder under Library>app supp. under the Devices>MacHDD tab, look under Places>YOURNAME>Library.

    Hope that makes sense, it took me ages to realise that there were two application support folders! ;-)

    and a P.S - Use MCpatcher - you don't ever have to visit your minecraft folder, and you can simply tick the mods you want, then press patch, then load the game - one of the best Mod installers I have EVER downloaded!

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    Go onto Terminal (in utilities) and type:
    chflags nohidden ~/Library/
    This should let you see the library on your mac. Then go to:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft
    Finally, if you still don't see your minecraft folder open minecraft, before your login click Options, then view the game location on disk.


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    You could of went on minecraft.exe then options then it wills say game location in a hyperlink


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