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    Thumbs Up Minecraft Skin Creator

    There is a fantastic, easy to use skin maker. No download, only in browser.

    Click here to make a skin.

    (I didn't make this skin maker by the way.)

    It SSSSsssssuperb!

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    have tried it and it is very fun! but it's not what i wasn i want to be able to make HD skins with small pixals not big ones like that sorry :/

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    Nice! I finally made my first skin.

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    the first skin maker was awsome why peculier

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    Best skin creator I've ever tried

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    While I know a lot of people like Skincraft and it is certainly possible to create an 100% original skin using it, I'd advise against using the 'pre-made parts'. Often times when browser-based skinning programs have part libraries like these, the parts have actually been stolen from other skins/skinners and used without their permission or even credit. It's very aggravating for the original skinners, as these websites refuse to remove their work (I've talked with Halucid about this issue, he's contacted the owners of websites that use his work multiple times with no success). Additionally, if you plan on uploading your skin to a website, you'll have to carefully check the rules to make sure they don't have rules against uploading skins made with 'parts' you did not create.

    As I said though, it IS completely possible to create an original skin using these programs. Just be aware about the reality of these part libraries, though.

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    Just made my first skin. Thanks this really helped me and by far the best i tried

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    Made my first skin but it's private his name "Epic Man"

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    Pretty cool

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