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    Whats a good laptop that can run Minecraft without lag ?

    Hello sorry for making a new thread about this and i know you guys get millions but i just really need some help.

    Ok, here's the situation, at the moment im running on Toshiba Equium L40-10U and its the biggest hump of chunk ever to be made period.Ive being watching alot of Minecraft videos recently (most of them produced by the Yogscast ) and ive always wanted to play Minecraft myself BUT my laptop is quite frankly rubbish and when i do try play the demo all i see is about 5 frames worth of trees, dirt and sheep so i just give up. It wasnt until yesterday i said enough is enough ive had it with this laptop taking ages to load stuff that i decided to get a new one.If your wondering why i dont get a desktop/pc its because there is not enough room in my bedroom for one etc etc, thats not the point.

    So, what laptops do you guys recommend, or what specifications are needed to run Minecraft without the horrible lag.


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    I think minecraft lags a lil either way, have you changed your video settings on minecraft? that might help slighty other than that i can't really give you any specifiations myself but i would think you can get one for under 500$ prbly.

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    Get a desktop. You get way more bang for your buck.

    Laptops can't really compete with them.

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    A good laptop will cost a lot more than a good desktop, so you're probably looking at at least 600. For decreasing lag, I'd first advise looking at optifine. It helps to reduce lag and gives more fine tuning graphics options.

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    im running a SONY VAIO and it can run pretty much all games without lag, i managed to get one from ebay for 350 so try and find that

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    Again, it all depends on the mods/texture packs you use (points at the explosives+ mod and the specs of Lewis's pc)

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    Honestly I would build a desktop, that's what im going to do after having my Dell Studio XPS 1645 for 2 years with an Intel I7 4 GB ram and 1GB graphics card, it runs most things nicely but yeh, get a desktop in my opinion

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    Cheers for the replys guys i appreciate it.

    Well from what you guys are saying then i might aswell get a desktop, any idea's whats best then, i only really want to spend around 400 but if i have to spend more i will.Only really want it to be able to play Minecraft and other games.

    Would something like this be good enough, if not what else ?

    I think it comes with a moniter aswell.
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    For minecraft alone, a laptop is fine. What is your budget?


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