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    Why is it called the Xbox - 720?

    Personally, I think it's a stupid name.
    It's not catchy, Nor is it fitting.

    Xbox 360 is a good name, Xbox 720 is horrible.
    I would physically not buy the console because of the name.

    I mean, It's not like the Original Xbox is called the Xbox 180 is it?


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    720 is 360 + 360. Two full rotations. The power, processing ability and general x-boxyness of two 360's... In One.

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    Why would you even decide NOT to buy it because of the name? I mean, I'm buying a WiiU (Mainly because it's supposed to be stronger than PS4 and 720 combined) But it has an idiotic name. I just don't see your point on that. (Although, the name isn't THAT GOOD, I agree with you there.)
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    Is it officially announced to be name 720? I'd prefer it just to be called "Next Generation" or something.

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    I always thought that "720" was just a name people were giving to it, like "Windows 8", which may not actually be "Windows 8" when released.


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    You shouldnt judge the Xbox 720 or any other console (or any other thing even) by its name. A rose smells the same regardless of the name.
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    Ahem there is a console called the Wii -_- and of course you knew that but why should the name bother you I never call my Xbox an xbox 360 I just call it an Xbox

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    Microsoft: It R called teh 720 because u turn 720 d3gr33 and go towards it bcuz its ossim LOL
    (Lets see how many people get that reference)

    Why its actually called that: Mainly just because it keeps in line with microsofts console branding, its the same reason there's a PS2, PS3 and soon PS4
    There was an xbox, then 360 so by the mathematics of succesful marketing just +360 to the name and you've got something people will easily remember
    It's the exact same reason the name Wii or DS stuck, wether you own one or not the name sticks in your head once you hear it

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    I heard it's going to have 3 Kagiggaports of Graphics and a whole boatload of controls for the inputs!

    I believe 720 is actually in reference to the number of gold plated toilets that the Next Generation of Xbox will buy for the Microsoft Head Office...

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    It's not called the 720. That is a name that people have been using for a console that hasn't even been announced yet. When asked about it Microsoft said the have no current plans for a new console, now this could mean that they really don't or they simply aren't ready to announce it yet. Either way the "Xbox 720" is an internet created illusion.


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