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    Jail server for minecraft 1.1 with Smart moving and WW2 Guns!

    Hey guys! I just made a new server, with Smart Moving mod and WW2 Guns mod! You MUST have the ModloaderMp, the modloaderMp version of Smart moving and the normal modloader. You MUST have the WW2 guns. Also, you must NOT have the audiomod, and MUST have the Newest PlayerAPI. This is a fun server where you Rollplay as a prisoner! I command you to do jobs, like cafetirea duty and slaughter. On this server, you do get KICKED for doing a job wrong (If I see it), not banned. If you try to escape, there will be concequences. If you DO escape, we will come after you. Have fun!
    Admins: Merrell217
    Please tell me if you are having any problems connecting.
    Remeber, you must have the Modloader cilent, and all the mods/modloaders I listed on the top.
    The ip is
    Good luck!

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    Umm is it down right now or did you guys shut it down?

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    Can you please give a little bit more information on the server? What is its full name? What is it's run time? Does it have a website? What is this about a white list? This server sound intresting but until I have some more information I am unable to join... :l

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    is there a server without guns I only have sm

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