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    Minecraft Hidden Temple(Custom map)

    Minecraft Hidden Temple(300+DOWNLOADS)

    This is map of adventures you must find hidden Temple.You have 3 Temples and those are:

    -first Temple(the easiest)
    -second Temple(little bit more harder(medium))
    -And the last Temple(hardest).In the last Temple you go to an jurnej that lead you through
    Neather and than to village,,,,.....


    1.You can only brake or place clay!!!!
    2.You can put only books on preasure plate!!!
    3.Don"t hack!!
    4.Only 3 players can play!
    5.Good luck.

    Made by Muca87,Cekon,Lovro,Denis.

    Video made by Cekon(Good job)

    Another video of Cekon

    Really old videoof Minecraft Hidden Temple(1419-1420)

    I didn't uploaded all pictures because it's too much,..


    Recomended texturepack SPHAX

    Spawn Area


    Inside of main Temple(on this picture is Hidden Temple)

    Path and little village on mountain


    If something in map isn't working okay tell me!!!

    Thanks for downloading!!!
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    Please do not double post. If you were the last person to post and you have more to add use the edit button, thanks!

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    Loved it !!!! that was a really good map! if you made it a tad longer it woulda been perfect! but really good ****/***** 4/5

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    I am downloading the map, I'll edit this post up for a review after I finish.

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    It is longer but there was bug in portal so portal teleported you on other location..Sorry

    And subscribe on Cekon's channel!!!!

    I'm using edit button.So i don't have idea what's wrong???

    WORKING ON SOME VIDEO is going to be awesome.!!!

    New video coming!!
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    Muca as Queenie has already politely asked you, do not double post as it violates the forum rules. If you need to add additional information, please edit your first post.
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    I'm doing that thing with edit button but I'still don't have idea what's wrong...??
    When i reply something, my post gets on the first page IS THIS YOUR PROBLEM??
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    OK... I just read the first first note, and a word of caution: the English is terrible. Other than that it's a great map!

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    I know.Because I'm not from England or USA.And I'm not good in English(But the best in our class).Sorry You can fix the notes and send me..??? And than you will be in post up there.

    Jumping around....

    What?????? hhhhh just jumping ,...
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    Alright you keep double posting ans this is not good.

    When you post and you want to add something after your post, instead of double posting, click on Edit post at the bottom right then add what you wanted to add. If again you double post you will be temporary banned.

    You need to learn how to edit and not double post.

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