View Poll Results: Did you find reading boring in your 4th-6th grade level years?

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    How could reading be boring?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hendragon View Post
    How could reading be boring?
    When people force you to do it.
    Nothing is fun when forced

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    I found reading a book back in my elementary/junior high years....most fun.
    However, I do find that being forcefuly made to read a book most dreadful, and I, too would indeed find reading those books or any forceful obligatorial ones absurd. :]


    Wasn't I the one who started this thread, because of a poll a friend had to do back in Senior High? O_O


    Now now....who dug up this old thread? O_o

    *stares intently at thread endings, looking for that one user.*
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    I loved it when I was young, not so much now. I read the internet, thats close enough right

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    Quote Originally Posted by ostrich160 View Post
    I loved it when I was young, not so much now. I read the internet, thats close enough right

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    Reading just isn't my thing. I mean, there are certain books that I enjoy, like the Hunger Games series, but I'm more of a gamer than a bookworm.

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    I love reading books and I read them whenever I can and they are a great enjoyment, depending on which one. I've always liked reading books and always will.

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    Yea I found it boring. Really boring.

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    It wasn't till after 6th grade that I really discovered how fun reading is.

    Self-declared mad scientist!

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    How could reading be boring?
    Because you're peering into someone else's universe through a medium which involves staring at a page. If I wanted to do that, I'd do it through a medium that is constantly changing and interesting, something that grabs you, like a video game or a film Or I'd just craft my own universe in my head or draw.

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