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    Help with Craftbukkit Server! My friend can't connect!

    Hi. I know how little time most of you have, so I would appreciate anything you can do to help me out.

    A friend and I (I won't say his name) have been trying and trying and trying to create a Craftbukkit server, simply because we saw some plugins on a separate server and wanted to join in the fun.

    I installed Hamachi, as did my friend, and the Automated Installer for Craftbukkit worked fine. I replaced the "server-ip" space with the Hamachi IP beside my name, and created a network on Hamachi, which my friend also logged into. I typed in the same IP address onto Minecraft, and logged into the server immediately.

    After about 20 minutes of Lazyroad and attempted WorldEdit, I got a message from my friend saying that he had been trying and trying to connect, but he couldn't. The server was always unreachable, or there was a communication error.

    He was sitting next to me the entire time, sharing the same network, not 4 feet away from me.

    Why can he not connect? Is there anyone out there who can help me figure out this problem? Again, you may not have bucket-loads of time, but anything you can do to help me out would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much,


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    Have moved this to Minecraft Help. In the future please make sure you are posting in the correct section.

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    Sorry, didn't realise. Thanks for moving it though.

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    You don't need to put the hamachi IP inside of the server.properties. He can also try typing localhost as the server IP, and it will connect him to you without typing an IP. If you take the IP out of the server.properties, it should work fine.

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    If I don't put any IP into the server.properties, then how do I connect to it on Minecraft?

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    you type local host into the server ip box when you try to connect to the server.

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    Login to your router, port forward 25565 tcp and udp to the ip you are hosting on.
    Also, does he have a cracked client?
    If he does, he cant connect

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