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    The future of Minecraft

    So I had a discussion with some people last night, which made me think. It about how the future of Minecraft is going to look like. They believe Minecraft is never going to go away and going to be very mainstream one day, whereas I believe the succes of the game will die in a year or two!

    So, I was just wondering, where do YOU see the future of Minecraft, and what do you think it's going to look like?

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    Minecraft is at the very least moderately "mainstream" right now (as it should be, because it's a fantastic game as-is), in that around 5 million people have bought it.

    I would agree with you that Minecraft will soon be outdated and "die out," purely because it's already reached a large majority of its target audience. Minecraft more represents the future of gaming as a whole, in that I think we're going to start to see a lot of devs branching out from the large gaming corporations and projects, and creating their own fantastic independant projects. The huge success of Minecraft has demonstrated there is a significant audience and upside for these types of games.

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    It will die, like any other game.

    Notch said he'd release the source code when it does die though

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    I'd say it's pretty much mainstream as it is. Minecraft is everywhere gaming related. Everywhere.

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    Well... when 1.8 came out many mainstream-elements were added to the game and the terrain-generator bacame ugly. In 1.0, Minecraft even converted to an End-Game with Ender-Dragon as a boss? I mean we know minecraft for creepers and not endermen, because they got introduced 2 months before the game released. Notch was probably in stress and wanted to totally change the game up for the Full Release (or probably jeb). This ruined the Sandbox-Factor of the game and made it more "Mainstream" some textures didn't even fit together, like chicken, ender pearls and more. Don't understand me wrong, I like some features from the current game, like Creative-Mode, sprinting and mycelium. Also many people don't like the color of swamp-biomes and the dullness of the grass. If the game would've added different features after 1.7.3, the game would've probably lasted longer.

    Plz don't dislike the post if you have a different opinion, like i said, don't understand me wrong.

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    Minecraft is very mainstream atm and will be for some time to come but i think the epicness of the game will wear off just like most over games do. Maybe not to the extent that no one will play it just where it won't be the hot topic over the social networking sites and forums. But im my opinion minecraft will always be big and will keep a good strong fan base

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    We all know that the hype will die down. That Jeb will stop patching it. That Notch will forget about it. That the Yogscast will play a new game.

    But another thing that we all know: This game will go down in history.

    This is the game that I've been waiting for since classic retro times. Times when swinging a sword at that huge green boss Ganon with a fairy yelling at you every 5 minutes was so attractive, that pretending to be sick for school was too good to pass up.

    Yes, I'm comparing the most successful western RPG to an indie sandbox. Because, anyone who has played this game in depth, will understand.

    I can honestly say, that in years to come, settled down with kids, I will still be speaking of this game. Still mining in my dreams.

    This is more than a game, its creation at its best.

    So in answer to the original question - Minecrafts future will be legendary.

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    I think it will slowly become more and more realistic, yet still simplistic.

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    So Minecrafts not mainstream now? :O

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    Nah, it'll die out like all the other great games. Has for me, I don't play anymore (ran out of things to build I think)
    It was roughly when 1.0 came out for me that I kind of got over it. I think people will always play it & I may from time to time but I think it has reached it's peak & has probably already started to fade ever so slightly

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