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    tf2 is not loading

    so i lanch tf2 and wait and wait but it never loads so what do i do

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    How long did you wait? And what are your System Specs? And it takes ages for me too, and I sit for some time. And it appears. Eventually.

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    My computer sometime does the same thing, but if you avoid clicking anything, walk away, and perhaps eat a piece of toast, by the time you come back it will be ready.
    Or at least that's what I've found

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    That's happened to me as well. When I hadn't played in awhile then started it up for the first time, it took 15+ minutes to load. It sometimes also takes ~10 minutes to load.

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    I've had it where all steam games wouldn't launch , just restart you computer and log in and out of steam and that should fix it.

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    Sometimes a reboot is in order... if you have tried that start it up as Adminisitrator or some sort of Compability mode by Right-Clicking and going into properties

    What an extreme waste of time...

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    It is true that sometimes you have to wait a good 5 to 10 mins for tf2 to load. Also make sure your computer can handle it by checking your comptuers specs with tf2's specs. I am sure you can fine tf2's specs befor downloading it or on the website. Also try uninstalling and reinstallin tf2. If all this fails or you still are looking for answers try the customer support on tf2s website. Good luck.

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    Most popular answers: wait and make sure if you have the specs. if I hasn't worked for the OP yet, he has stopped trying. I call solved (you can always unsolve if you're the OP by using the thread tools on top )

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