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    Tried and tested with the Technic Pack and is 100% compatible.
    There is a catch though, as mentioned don't sell items that wouldn't be in the vanilla mod.
    I.E Don't try selling Nuclear Cores to the Merchant.

    EDIT : (I'll Update to see if the "LEVEL UP!" Mod works alongside Technic/Kingdom)
    Tale of Kingdoms, Technic Pack and LEVEL UP mod are Interusable and 100% compatible
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    where can you find the texture pack that the guy use in the video?. anyone here a

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    why wouldn't medieval people to have nuclear cores ?
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    Hey guys this mod has a new thread on the Minecraft forums and has had a major upgrade to version 1.1.2
    This has just taken a massave leap forward in my books, downloading now

    Copy pasted change log:

    -Ver 1.1.2 -Fixed guild fix option problem(not getting wood). Fixed Woodcutters not cutting wood. Fixed Reficule not Freezed in Peaceful. Fixed Missplaced text in new game screen. Fixed Stuck in Tier 1 because of well. Reduced lag in shop menu. Increased Range of miners. Made workers work much faster. Added Mo's Creeps and Weirdos and ExtendCraft Support thanks Cowsgomoo,zezzame for that one.

    - Ver 1.1.1 increased the range of the miners just a bit. I made the woodcutters cut the trees faster. The reficule hole near the spawn won't show anymore. Added mo's creatures and pam's mod support. Reficule holes won't spawn in other worlds anymore. Reficule holes spawn much less now. Added guild fix option. Transferred bow and arrow to blacksmith.

    - Ver 1.1.0 added Guild quests/task, villager actions, the reficules. Lots of bugfixes.

    - Ver 1.0.5, Bugfixes. Builder is now frozen in the kingdom. The game saves every 10 mins.

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    Just to go back to the OP, i don't think this would ever be covered by Simon and Lewis, I could be wrong, but its to my knowledge still a singleplayer Mod, and there is an awful lot to cover where its very in depth. You never know though, they may want to check it out one day

    Personally i think this looks awesome! I have been watching InTheLittleWood's lets plays for this mod. He has also installed the Twilight Forest mod with it which is an added dimension with lots of weird things such as hollowed out hills with lots of loot inside, to randomly generated mazes. He is also setting any achievements that viewers request

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    Angry Frustrated with Tales of the Kingdom - Reficul Nether Portals & burning towns

    PLEASE!!! Is there any way to stop the ****ed world holes from spawning on new chunks..seriously they are everywhere. or at the very least drastically reduce their spawn probability. I enjoy the challenge of them but I'm running yogbox and burning villages and world holes in the middles of my millinaire villages is rediculous. There really needs to be an Option to stop the reficule world holes and burning villages from spawning.
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    what texture pack are you using?

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    Hey look! I'm part of this thread now. (Get out while you still can.)


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