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Thread: beta 1.8

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    Cool beta 1.8

    please post things that are going to be in this update and when it's going to be, can't wait

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    New mob,ruins,valleys/craters,npcs,bigger mushrooms and the demo is coming out at minecon i think so it wont be out for awile
    The Creeper Brotherhood

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    There are many threads for this. Please search before you post.

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    Well 'Slendermen' will be included it's a parody of the 'endermen'. There was a sneak peek of something that looked like flying in the clouds, notch hinted on more new mobs. There will most likely be a few new blocks. He has said a fully functional creative mode with flying and everything might be there as standard. MODDING API YESS! He promised to have official modding support! That's all I can remember.

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    Did I hear something about sprinting in 1.8, I think I saw something like that on the Minecraft Wiki.

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    yes i think so

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minecraft Wiki
    make exploration and combat more rewarding.[1][2] Note that this is not Adventure Mode.[3][4]
    Fixes and Changes:
    Shift+Click on items will work correctly.[5]
    Labels for items will be added.[6]
    Redstone circuits not working after /time set x glitch going to be fixed in SMP.[7]
    User placed leaf blocks won't decay.[8]
    Clouds won't go through buildings anymore.[9][10]
    Rain and snow will now render faster.[11]
    Zombies may drop a new item instead of feathers.[12]
    At least 9 new crafting recipes.[13]
    Different game modes.[14]
    Limited flying in Creative mode
    "At least one new mob"[15]
    New Enderman mob.[16][17]
    New features in the terrain generator; things which will only appear in new worlds/chunks[18]
    Optional[19] NPC Villages[20] with farms[21] and "town borders".[22][23]
    Possibility of players to "claim" land in villages.[24]
    Wells for villages.[2 5]
    Villages will contain an NPC smith, who will own a forge that uses lava.[26]
    Underground Ravines including canyons on the surface and ledges to walk on.[27][28]
    Strongholds,[29] consisting of 4 new blocks: Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick, and Iron Bars.[30] (names unconfirmed)
    Totally new, fractal-based[31] biome code.[32]
    New Mushroom biome[33] which will include Huge Mushrooms, both brown and red.[34]
    Larger Biomes[35]
    Rivers flowing through/inbetween biomes.[36]
    Deeper Oceans[37]
    New combat Mechanics[20]
    Critical hits[38]
    Hold-to-charge bows[39]
    Player blocking attack animation and hostile mob attack animations, possibly more player animations[40][41]
    New farming options, more interesting farming.[38][42][15]
    This could be the Cocoa Bean tree Jeb was talking about.[20]
    Plantable pumpkins and melons, each with a central stem that grows to max size and spawns a fruit next to it.[43]
    Animal breeding.[44]
    New Food System:
    Food no longer heals directly but indirectly.[45]
    There is now a food meter.[46][45]
    The food meter is possibly optional since Notch has said that it will be possible to play without food.[47]
    Food will be stackable.[48][49][50]
    Food takes 1.6 seconds to consume.[45]
    There is now a food eating animation.[51][45]
    There will most likely be sound effects for consuming food.[51]
    5 new food items.[52]
    Cooked Chicken.[53]
    Raw Chicken.[54]
    Raw Beef and Steak.[50][55][56]
    New Melon block, but not yet confirmed as food.
    Cooked Porkchop has a different texture.[50]
    New achievements:
    Kill a skeleton with an arrow at 50 meters.[57]
    Possibly Shoot the Moon with an arrow.[58]
    Sprinting: By double pressing the forward button, the player will move faster.[59]
    Sprinting will have a drawback, such as depleting your food bar.[60]
    Hitting a mob while "rushing" (sprinting?) sends them flying.[61]
    Glass Panes.[62]
    Possibly Spike blocks, Jeb initially considered Spike Pistons, but then pondered making a Spike block that can be pushed by the Sticky Piston.[63]
    Arrows will be stuck on mobs when they hit.[64]
    Fence Gates.[65]
    Graphics / UI / Audio:
    New improved lighting — day/night cycles will not require chunk updates.[66] Lighting will be updated via a texture, whose coordinates are the block's sky light and block light levels.[67]
    Warmer light from torches.[68]
    New texture for Moss Stone.[69]
    Sliders for field of view and gamma in video options.[70][71][72]
    Redesigned HUD, including two new features, food and experience bars.[73]
    New launcher.[74][75]
    Possibly a web Applet launcher.[76]
    A lot of new sounds and some changes, such as minecart sounds and shear sounds, also a change in the sound of rain.[77][78]
    New bow sounds (including hits), new door sounds, big slimes sound, and walking skeletons sound more skeletony.[79]
    Possibly new particle effects.[80]
    The ability to see the world seed when pressing F3.[81]
    Multiplayer server list[82][83]
    Improved server join screen: The server join screen will feature a list of servers[84]
    Player List - Press tab in multiplayer and player list comes up.[85]
    The ability to allow moderators to enter creative mode in SMP.[86]
    Modding Support.[38]
    Including easier changing of the max level (map) height.[87]
    After PAX Prime 2011 (After August 28th)[88]
    If you haven't gathered already this information was available on the minecraft wiki and '1.8' will be released sometime after 'PAX'!

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    I think i heard something about an Enderman mob , and that if you wear a pumkin on your head , they dont attack..

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    Check out minecraftforums they have all the info or notch's blog alot of info is posted there
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    Surely you could just like Google it or follow Notch's twitter and then you stay pretty updated. I check his Twitter everyday

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