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    Here's one that seems to suit you perfectly. It's 16x, and was apparently the first texture pack to support The Aether:

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    Quote Originally Posted by daitetsu View Post
    It said that, but I wonder why a texture pack be violating ToS when stuff like pirated games aren't.. oh well. Mediafire works too if you've tried uploading there before.
    Try this one. I think I may have just mis-linked it.

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    There we go and thank you again.

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    Gerudoku is adding Aether support. It's a WIP. You can find a link to it on the Gerudoku post.
    Also, to the person who said it'd have to have an extended terrain.png, the Aether doesn't use terrain.png. It has a .png for each block. Making texture packs for the Aether is really easy.

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    can u make a updated version for aether 1.0.2

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    Well since the Aether update came out recently is Boristus going to update Aetherdoku?

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    Amazing! Ive been wanting an aether compatible texture pack for a while, but to make it as awesome as being Gerudoku!
    I will download and recommend to everyone i know once its released. Thumbs up

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    thanks Boristus is it okay that I used you as my referral? Thanks for the texture pack

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    I think all textures are compatible with the aether.

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