Looking for a new challenge in minecraft? Want to join a popular and active server that doesn't involve having to sign up to a forum?

is minecraft's most innovative maze & parkour server - Now with an additional twist! We've opened up a new freebuild area for you to take timeout from our maze adventures and create your own! (whilst your location in our official maze stays safe using our exclusive checkpoint system!!)

The freebuild area offers a range of shops for you to purchase items in for your own adventures.

We at minr.org understand that you want to get into the action right away and instead of having to wait 3 days to get onto a whitelist your free to join at any time, there is no whitelist!

Our clever and unique mazes will have you scratching your head for hours on end... Our themed maze/parkour areas will have your imagination running wild.

If you beat our maze you will receive a green status can build your own additional maze to add to the list of our server!
Over 400 people have beaten our maze and become a member of our friendly community, will you be one of them?

Think you can crack it? Be our guest.....

Connect to zero.minr.org

- Your adventure awaits.....

***Note*** Any type of hack/fly/speed client mods are not tolerated on our server, we have hack detection in place. You will be warned and/or banned for using these.