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    Good British TV Shows?

    I moved away from England 6 years ago, but recently I have been feeling homesick. I managed to find some comfort in British television (and the Yogscast of course!) but after watching Peep Show, Blackadder, and the current running shows (Like Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Top Gear) I am running out of shows to watch. Does anyone have anything they recommend watching?

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    I've never been to the UK but I do enjoy the show, Being Human. I wouldn't recommend the US version after you watch the UK version. The US version has a different feel to it, just like the US Top Gear. Of course, this is just my opinion. Why not try both versions lol.

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    the IT crowd, QI, being human, spaced, the office, red dwarf, monty python, my mad fat diary, james may's man lab. i'll remember more and come back.
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    "Have I got news for you" and "mock the week" are also great...and available on youtube

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    Charlie Brookers Weekly Wipe, basically the news with a cynical twist to it.

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    Many good shows have been said, another one that comes to mind is Mr Selfridge; its a very good show with great characters.
    (I presume you know about Dr Who )
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    Silent Witness is quite good if you like thriller/crime. The new series isn't as good as the old ones were though so I'd recommend going back and watching some of those if you can. The newest series is available on BBC Iplayer.

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    The Crystal Maze. Brilliant comedy.

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    I'm a fan of 'Bluestone 42'. New series starting soon I think too.

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    Misfits is a must see. We'll the first couple of seasons, after that it depends on personal preference.
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