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    Moonquest modpack!!!

    Someone has made modpack with most, if not, all of the moonquest mods. the have a server too! you need technic launcher.
    one mod i know they ARE missing is the furniture mod, but have fun! (one thing they have extra is mars)
    go run and get it!

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    How Would I download it?

    Never mind, I found it!
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    Thank you! Been looking for this! Every time I watch the YT I want to play and wish to play with others, not single player. So I will check out the server as well. Looks like This thread was created the day after my birthday so I am glad to see this is recent.
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    What mod is the tall windmill a part of?

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    Awesome thanks!

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    Amazing! I am thinking of making my own modpack soon
    I will just post something random here now and then...

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