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    Minecraft Galacticraft

    Are there any plans to release a mod-pack with all the mods from the new series in one handy bundle?

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    Was just about to post a topic asking about this!
    Lewis posted in the description of the video the mods it has included, but I doubt anyone here would give his time and put them together, as a community service, or would they?

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    I Agree, just joined this forum and site to post this like the few people above, would love a modpack for this video series.

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    Would REALLY like it if you could release the serverpack and client pack of this.. (or just release it on feedthebeast's page)

    If you look in the description box of the simon/lewis/duncan - video you'll see all the mods used, but one thing is to know what mods are used.. another entirely is to figure out all the block id's and making them work together without any conflicts.

    So yeah.. please let the community play along with you on their own servers like with yogcraft 1.0

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    if i had the skill to pack all the mods i would do it, sadly i suck at it! but yeah if someone does it please post it here so i can download it ^^ Thanks.

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    I made the mod pack today It really isn't too hard you just need to download to mod install forge on your client and server and put the mods in. I unfortunately don't know how to up the mods in an installer and it is illegal to just give out my .minecraft folder.

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    as i have said in a previous thread, mod packs have to have the permission of all mod makers for them to be included in a pack that gets distributed to others. it's one thing to put them together yourself to play, it's another to give it out to people.

    i'm sure we'll see this modpack come out for others to use, but only if all the mod makers agree to having their mods in this pack. so you'll have to be patient, or work out how to do it yourself i'm afraid.
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    I understand that the modders need to give their permission, but are you (the yogscast) doing anything towards getting said permissions, or are you just sitting back, hoping things happen by themselves?

    Yogcraft got to be as popular as it is/was due to the community wanting to play the same game as the yogscast. The yogs have a huge fanbase who would love little more than to explore the pack used in a new series while it's being used in a series. Therefore I hope you will do what you can to make the pack accessible to the fans.

    We can ask for no more than that.

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    considering they got yogcraft to be a pack, i would say that it's likely this pack will be too, but it may differ from the version they use. just like yogcraft does. some of the mod makers did not give their permission to distribute some of the mods the yogscast use in their version of yogcraft. the same may happen for this new pack they are using.

    again, patience. it's not even been 24 hours since the video went up yet
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