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    A night in Horror House

    I'm adding the finishing touches to a new custom map I'm working on. It's a scary/horror type of map, but I think the buildup might be a bit slow, so I'd love it if some of you could play-test my map & suggest ways I could add to the creepiness. I'm also open to changing the title of the map if anyone can think of a better name then "A night in Horror House".

    The plot is inspired by a horror novel I read when I was in my early teens (I can't remember the title or I'd give credit to the book's author).

    Non-spoiler-y plot synopsis:

    You're trapped in a labyrinthine haunted house & need to escape.

    Full plot:


    You lost a bet with your friends & now you have to spend the night in a creepy, abandoned house that everyone tells you is haunted. But as far as you're concerned, those are just a bunch of stupid kid's stories. You wander through the rooms & corridors of the house, waiting for dawn when this stupid bet will be over.
    But you start to notice something odd. The house seems very strangely laid out. When you try to double back the way you came, the rooms become less & less recognizable.
    Slowly, the terrible truth dawns on you. The house is haunted but not by any mere ghosts. The houseitself is haunted.

    And it doesn't want you to ever leave...


    Just one pic of the outside, I may add more later.


    In addition to the main goal of escaping the house. There are also 13 diamonds to collect as well as a super-secret hidden prize.

    There is a "play again" option at the end of the map if you'd like to replay it so you can find rooms/diamonds you may have missed the first time.

    It's designed for single player but it can be played as a multi-player map as well. Just split up near the beginning of the map & try to see who can escape first and/or collect the most diamonds.


    Hint 1. You'll need to use a combination of going forward & doubling back to escape the house.
    Hint 2. Including the front yard (start) and back yard (end) there are 13 areas.

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zr...rror_House.zip

    Be sure to let me know what you think!

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    I played this game and I have to admit it was amazing was not what I was expecting from the map however this made it even better. This took so much time and effort that I have fallen for this map, its so simple yet so amazingly well done.

    I also made a play through of this map
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