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    Gta 5 for next gen?

    Recently I've been extremely hyped about the new gta but I am concerned that it might not be on ps4 and the Xbox one.

    The release date for gta 5 for Xbox 360 and ps3 is September 17 worldwide and pc a year later, but I am concerned that it might not come to nex gen because I am getting a ps4 when it comes out and I am going to spend my pocket money on games and I don't wish to pay for ps3 games .

    What should I do wait to see if there is a ps4 version or just get the ps3 version

    I would be grateful for your feedback. Hazza

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    They have said it will be released on next gen ps4 and xbox one.
    Not sure if it will be released on current gen consoles or just next gen though.

    actually, just read that it will be released on current gen systems as well. :3
    will be released on next gen consoles "eventually".
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    Rockstar have said that they want to focus on the current generation, so it is not known if they are releasing it on the next-gen consoles.


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    I think you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a version for the next-gen consoles. (As well as we can assume that a PC version will be released)

    I would expect to see an announcement of the release date for next gen in the coming months (although it may potentially come after the current-gen releases)

    As to whether you buy it or hold off for next-gen, that all depends on how desperate you are to play it.
    If you want to play it as soon as possible, get the PS3 version. If you can wait a little longer, go for the PS4 one.

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    I can't wait for GTAV, it's going to be awesome, and as others have said, it's speculated to be released on both next gen, and current gen, but to be fair to Rockstar, they aren't the sort of people that would miss out on such a money making excursion like Next Gen stuff.

    Either way, it's going to be great



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    Thanks for the support guys :-D

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    In my opinion if it's a game you really would like to play I would personally get it for the console you currently own, if I remember correctly GTA5 and other current and next gen games (announced at the moment) have said that game experience wont be any different, there wont be any extra features for next gen so really you mite only have better graphics but your game experience will be the exact same.

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