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    Don't starve sips mod

    Hello! Rob here with my mod that adds Youtuber, Chris "Sips" Lovasz into Don't starve!

    Heres the Forum Post http://forums.kleientertainment.com/...532#post203532

    Updated as of 25/06/2013 (UK format)

    Heres a few Preview images

    Sips Portrait (Not updated with Stubble)

    In Game image (Updated With Stubble)

    Im not rob just a fan hoping sips will see this

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    Hey, just a heads up the forum link for me doesn't work and might be broken?

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    Forum link no work!

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    It looks like an awesome mod, but the links not working.
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    For a working link guys:


    I've used this mod quite a bit, it's really nicely done - albeit the character is a bit OP

    You spawn with Chester and are immune to the cold of winter, the creator has even gone as far as adding the speech using classic Sips quotes.

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    I love this mod! Although I feel bad for my Sips, because he's in a very bad situation, and is probably going to die.
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