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    YogBox [v1.2.1] - Latest news at end of thread!

    For recent news/updates, jump to the end of this thread.

    For more information and resources, go to

    Like the mods that are in this?
    Then support the programmers who put a lot of effort into their work, whom without the YogBox wouldn't even exist in the first place!

    It's the moment you've been waiting for...


    What does this mean?
    Well for one, this means that you only need to download and worry about one file, which is the launcher. The launcher will automatically download the necessary patches/mods/files needed to get the current iteration of the YogBox up and running, regardless of the current base version of vanilla Minecraft that is out. Basically it's far more foolproof than the previous installer method, and also you'll be notified of when updates are available via the launcher!

    This also means that through the launcher you can run instances of Technic/Tekkit/Vanilla (unmodified) Minecraft as well! No more futzing around with JAR files, configs and seperate launchers... Everything you need is right here!

    Kickass! Does this also mean I can play multiplayer with the YogBox now?!
    Unfortunately, no. Not at this time. But there may be a possibility in the future!

    Download links:

    -Windows Launcher-

    -Mac OSX Launcher-

    -JAR Launcher for other systems-

    Uh, I'm too excited and I don't know how to use this!?@#
    It's alright, it's okay, settle down... Here's a simple guide:

    Once you fire up the launcher, you'll notice in the upper right that there's a dropdown box. Click that and select the modpack you want (YogBox, natch! ). Enter your Minecraft login and password in the lower right like you would with the regular Minecraft launcher then hit the LOGIN button on the lower right.

    NOTE: For those of you who feel uncomfortable putting in your private information, you can be rest assured that this launcher is a fork of the Spoutcraft launcher, which is a completely open source and secure launcher. Also since it's JAVA based, it can be easily decompiled and thumbed through if you still feel paranoid.

    If you want to disable certain mods, click the MOD SELECT button highlighted here.

    You should then see the modloader config file, just simply replace the ON with OFF for said mods you want disabled. Save it then close it.

    This is simply a part of the YogBox experience thanks to the MoreHealthRPG mod. You gain 1 heart once you hit level one, then another at level five and thereafter every five levels (eg. 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.) up to twenty hearts maximum.

    NOTE: DISABLING THIS MOD IN THE CONFIG FILE WILL NOT WORK! An alternate method is being looked into at this time. If the game is too hard for you, set it to peaceful mode and kill friendly mobs and collect their XP until your health is up to a comfortable level.

    What mods are included in this?
    Exp Chest


    More XP Mod
    Keep Inventory on Death
    More XP
    Minecraft Minions
    Better Enchanting
    Adventure Items
    More Fuel
    Balkon's Weapon Mod
    Ropes Plus
    Battle Towers
    Better Dungeons
    Armor Stand
    Craft Guide
    Crafting Table 2
    Floating Ruins
    Crystal Wing
    Starting Inventory
    Ingame Info
    Inventory Tweaks
    Convenient Inventory
    More Health RPG
    Mo' Creatures
    Pfaeff's Mods
    Rei's Minimap
    Thaumcraft 2
    Twilight Forest

    Change Log:
    • v1.2.1

    First major public release based on Minecraft v1.2.3 core
    Thaumcraft 2 added (WARNING, OLDER SAVES WILL BREAK!)
    Airships make a triumphant return
    Added ExtraBiomesXL
    Added StatusEffectHUD
    Enchanted items can now be repaired via enchantment table
    Added Exp Chest

    • v1.1.6
      Mo' Creatures no longer despawns vanilla mobs by default
      Removed Death Chest
      Removed Equivalent Exchange
      Added keep inventory on death
      Changed various graphics and font on Painterly Pack
      Removed SMP pack for space/bandwidth
      Updated and increased chance of Israphel mod
      Mods should now generate entities in Twilight Forest
      Removed default options.txt so you're no longer hassled to reset your preferences each update

    • v1.1.5
      Added Minecraft Minions
      XP gain is now 5x its normal rate
      Replaced Sensible Enchanting with Better Enchanting
      Added more Painterly Pack assets to various mods

    • v1.1.4
      Fixed some Painterly Textures (most notably wild grass as it was hard to notice before)
      Added Minecolony
      Added Adventure Items
      Apparently I forgot to add in More Stackables since the beginning, so it's in finally

    • v1.1.3.1
      Added More Fuel
      Maybe, possibly added something secret...

    • v1.1.3
      Added Balkon's Weapon Mod
      Added Ropes Plus (includes elemental arrows! Use the < & > keys to switch between arrow types)
      Updated Crafting Guide to v1.4.3 (Now includes potion recipes!)
      Retweaked default order of starting items to be more intuitive
      Moved Ingame info to center
      Disabled Hangable Maps as it's useless (plus it cluttered up the recipe guide to no end)

    • v1.1.2
      Redid Painterly Pack, added random mob support
      Added Battle Towers
      Fixed some key bindings for conflicting mods
      New default settings for Mo' Creatures and Better Dungeons to make gameplay more fair
      Fixed Pfaeff's Mods not loading

    • v1.1.1
      First 'official' Technic launcher release

    • v1.1.0
      First test release

    Disclaimer: I swear to god if you **** up this thread I am going to ban you so quick your eyes will spin.

    PS : If you have any technical problems with the YogBox, please check this official help forum :
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    Congrats for getting this released guys, it's good to see that people have co-operated and released something beneficial to the community. Good stuff indeed.
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    Looks good, nice work.

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    I mentioned in the old thread but I gotta mention again: the list of mods and the blacklist contradict eachother, as Kodaichi is both blacklisted and has his mods in the list. Although I guess if they haven't actually removed them yet, that makes some sense.

    Edit: I see Lewis has since corrected it
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    Looking forward to it, getting my new MacBook Pro soon should be able to run MC with all these mods like a dream
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    Nice work i love it.
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    Please note that the mods will be watching this thread very carefully, infractions and bans will be handed out to anyone who tries to turn this thread into ANOTHER flame fest. You have been warned.

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