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    [1.5.2] YogBox v2.0 - update the modpack, question to takover build this modpack

    YogBox future

    Hello Everyone. Yogbox is the best modpack, which ever was. I updated Yogbox to Minecraft 1.5.1, introducing a few changes. For more informations, please read the changelog.
    At the same time, I want ask YogsCast, to permission for me to official continue this modpack. Yogscast and Technic Pack, need Adventure Pack without machines, mechanisms and other technical mods. YogBox was amazing, however author abandoned work on this modpack. Mods are diffrent than when. Authors added a lot of new things. People need new versions of Yogbox. If you permit me to continue this modpack, I will regularly update modpack and apply iprove it. Please, rethink my suggestion.

    P.S. I know, that exist YogCraft in FTB Launcher, but it is more technical, than adventure.

    Minecraft Forge
    Thaumcraft 3
    Metallurgy 3
    Twilight Forest
    Enhanced Portals
    Natura mod
    Pam's harvest mods
    Better Dungeons
    Legendary Beasts
    Battle Towers
    Tree Capitator
    Floating ruins
    In game info
    Starting inventory
    Crystal Wing
    Status Effect Hud
    Minecraft Minions
    PChan3's Steamship
    Enchanting plus
    Weapon mod
    Ropes +
    More stackables
    Easy Crafting Table
    Backpack mod
    More Health Enchanced
    Nether ores
    Rei's minimap
    Inv tweaks
    Custom Lan mod
    More xp mod

    Exp chest, more fuel and Keep inventory on death will back to modpack, when authors update it. Now, we can use command /gamerule keepInventory true



    Server files:

    Warning! Craftguide and More Health aren't update to Minecraft 1.5.2, it back to modpack, when authors update this mods. If you want play with this mods, do not update yet.

    This modpack is only proposition to continue this modpack, I have not permissions to all mods, If i get permissions to continue YogBox, I will ask authors of mods to permission to use.

    Make new copy of clear Minecraft 1.5.1 (no mods etc.)
    - drop files with folder extract to .minecraft to your .minecraft folder (%appdata%)
    - drop files with folder extract to minecraft.jar to file minecraft.jar (.minecraft ---> bin, open minecraft jar with winrar, or 7zip and drop files).
    - run Minecraft and play !

    Changelog (latest version 1.2.1)
    Warning! Old saves will break!
    - added Metallurgy (new Metalls and alloys)
    - added Natura mod (new trees, bushes)
    - added Pam's mods (new foods and plants)
    - added Custom Lan mod (better lan connecting)
    - added Nether Ores (raw materials in nether)
    - added Goblins mod (Goblin's villages)
    - added Enhanced portals (Private portals to any places)
    - added Ruins (strukture spawning system)
    - replaced Better enchanting to Enchanting plus
    - replaced armor stand and shelves to BiblioCraft
    - replaced Crafting Table II to Easy Crafting Table
    - removed minecolony (mod not updated for long, long time.)
    - removed Pfaeff's mod (not compatibile with Forge modloader)
    - removed Convenient inventory (not compatibile with Forge modloader)
    - removed Adventure Items (mod isn't continue)
    - new config for all mods

    Future Plans
    I am working to multiplayer server version this modpack

    New version contains many changes, because mods also are different.
    I wish nice game on modapck
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    I'd say stick DivineRPG and the Soul Weapons mod in there, provided the latter still exists. Otherwise, looking really good.

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    Refresh, I wait for admin's opinion.

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    I just downloaded this and I'm loving it! One question though, how can you disable the More Xp mod? I don't really like it and I've dug though the .jar and the .minecraft folder but can't find anything.

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    Nice Mod Can You Add NEI for recipes that whill be great. Oh and update Download link !!!


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    Download link fixed, I updated modpack to Minecraft 1.5.2 and make server files. Craftguide and More Health will back to modpack, when authors update it.

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    Ok so I got a server up and running and the only problem is that MillÚnaire just dose not want to spawn villages, the scrolls and the rest of the items work, it just dose not want to spawn the fracking villages. Any idea ?


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