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    from England, working in China

    New to forum, old timer fan!

    Hey everyone, just wanted to post a message here to say the same as all of you! I'm a fan of the yogscast and have been for a couple of years now.
    I'm currently working in China so its difficult to get onto youtube sometimes to watch my favourite channel! But I still manage to get my daily dose of yogscast now.
    What is everyones favourite current series of yogscast videos? I must say I love the "trucking tuesdays" series so far...just because most of those games are terrible haha.

    Anyway, just a quick hello to the yogscast world...which I have been apart from for too long already!

    I hope to see many interesting posts here, and hopefully make some friend along the way

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    Welcome to the forums, Petrucci

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    welcome to the forum friend

    you could watch the videos on the yogscast website. not sure if china blocks videos here.
    got a question? just wanna say hi? pm me!

    twitter - forum rules

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    Land of Trolling

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    Welcome to the Community!

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    Oyo Petru ! Maybe I can find some tips to overide the china security, if you want. (What ? part time job !)
    Oyo !

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