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    Is shadow of israphel continue or have they stopped?

    Hey me and my friends have been wondering about shadow of israphel and we noticed that last episode was in october I think its been really long time since last episode so are they still continue with this serie or have they just stopped it. What I know is people want shadow of israphel and ofc do I to but people say let them rest I know but its been so long time please are this gonna continue?

    Sorry for my english
    Kind regard peder

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    This has been asked many many many many many times.

    This is what Lomadia (Hannah) said on a sticky on this forum:

    The main question we get asked is 'When is Shadow of Israphel coming out next?' We get asked this so many times in so many formats that it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

    The answer, of course, as always is the same as the ones in our FAQ: Shadow of Israphel is not created to a schedule and is released once the quality is of a high standard. It'll be ready when it's ready. To quote LordMorgot: "You will know when it's out, you want quality, you want fun, then be patient and all your wishes will be granted."

    But many people are not aware what this means or how much effort it takes to reach the quality of video we're happy with - after all, unless you have personally edited and put together videos, it's something you may not have taken time to consider (I know I didn't!), same as you wouldn't consider the time or effort that's put into a radio show or a theatrical performance or a chemistry lecture.

    So here's a visual example of the work we put into the show - here's a screen cap of some work we've been doing previously on a similar and just as complicated project.

    The highlighted region in this picture is just under 4 minutes of footage(bottom right hand corner says 03.52 if we're being precise). It has taken roughly two hours to edit this footage together into something remotely decent as 'basic' footage - no animations, voiceovers, music, nothing.

    For a full video's worth of editing - note this DOES NOT include time taken for building, recording, post recording of character voices and other bits and bobs like animation - it can take sometimes more than a day of solid editing for a finished product.

    I hope helps to clear up the everpuzzling question of where the next episode is. So, next time you're wondering guys, think of our email capacity and our sanity and just be patient
    It's also been stated that they're waiting for artwork, mods to update and of course time to be available. It will come back, the Yogscast aren't ones to leave things such as these hanging. It's just a question of when.

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    Its going to continue but its not on a set schedual so it might take a while for the next one to comeout. Also the mods havent been updated for a while. Lewis and many of the yogscast members have hinted at SOI but we dont know for sure if it is coming back or not.

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    As Yummy has quoted above - SOI takes a very long time to make and edit and they want to make sure it is as perfect as possible before releasing it. Hannah has said previously it has not stopped, they are waiting on bits and pieces like artwork etc. It will be released when it is ready. No where has it been said by ANY yogscast member (seriously) that it has been cancelled . Just we just need to wait. I am going to close this since your question has been answered and there are many other topics open about this already.



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