hi guys, we are a fun, PvP, survival, RPG, Minecraft server with the towny plugin installed! The aim on this server is to gain money and to work your way up the rankings, untill you became an emperor of your very own nation! We have kind helpful staff! We don't use MCbans as we think a new server is a clean slate for new players! We allow donors who (depending on donation) can get /fly, /disguise, /god and much more! You spawn as a Citizen and work your way up the ranks to higher ranks like wizard, settler, monk or staff ranks! Other players can offer jobs to other players! Become a mayor or even a king with towny, join other towns, or be a wanderer of the wilderness (the almost lawless land). We have Spleef, Wither, PvP and Mob Arena. We have a server economy and huge shop as well as resetting mines! Please join us we have 72 spaces and we run 1.5.1!
We are always looking for new players, so we hope to see you on soon!

forums: www.olympiaRPG.enjin.com