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    YogCraft Texture Pack

    I have been searching far and wide across the forums and cant seem to find a link to where the YogCraft Texture Pack is.

    I was wondering if someone has it or is it currently not available for download?

    It would be much appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction.

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    They use Sphax PureBDcraft texturepack. The website is here: http://bdcraft.net/

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    ummm why is a stranger the one who posted a texturepack?

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    What are all the addons for the mudpack?

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    I am a little confused about this.

    They are not using the standard "from the website" version of Sphax BDCraft as numerous textures in that pack look totally different from what the Yogs are using. The best example of this is Redstone Ore, which looks like little triangles in the Yogs videos. The texture pack you download from the BDCraft website? It has them as hexagons / pentagons in shape.

    They are using some texture pack with all of the required textures. Currently if you download one of the general "Feed the Beast" texture pack patches from BDCraft.net and use it on YogCraft.. you end up with a fair number of textures missing.

    I suspect they had Duncan finish out their texture pack, so they are using their own texture pack version. I am not 100% positive on this, however.

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    You are right, Duncan have customized their Texturepack

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    i remember some one (sips or sjin i think i could be wrong ) talking about it in one of there episodes that they use a custom pack and going on the fact that Duncan is the art guy i would assume that he worked on it

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    They actually use DokuCraft texture pack and edited it a little. Oh wait, that's Shadow of Israphel.

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    What you do is download the texture pack that the YogCraft Version is upto (for example if the Yogcraft version is 1.6.4 then you download the Sphax version then after you have downloaded that look for the YogCraft add-on if not you may have to find the Mod pack textures individually the Bdcraft.net website. If not it must be a customized pack which in my view is highly unlikely as the textures for the Mods are hard to match. Indicating Duncan or whoever has added all the individual textures in to the base folder. There maybe a add-on somewhere if you can not find it. The textures will always be different because you are probably looking at the newest Texture pack when in fact they have to match the game version so you will want to download the 1.4.7 original sphax pack.

    EDIT: Here is the link to the Yogcraft Texture Pack that you just put into your texture pack folder no other iles or patches needed! http://www.mediafire.com/download/0x...aft%282%29.zip

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